Ruidoso, NM to Ban All Guns Ignoring State Constitution & Leaving Citizens Defenseless

Ruidoso, NM Planning to Ban All Guns Ignoring State Constitution & Leaving Citizens Defenseless

Ruidoso, NM Gun Ban
Ruidoso, NM to Ban All Guns
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force

Alamogordo, NM –-( The above is from the mayor of Ruidoso, NM.

It is clearly an illegal act, as it violates Article II Section 6 of the NM Constitution. A law suit has already been filed by Miguel Garcia, a local civil rights attorney.

There will be a meeting of the Ruidoso city council on Tuesday, 13 september 2011, and we would like to have a group of people open carrying outside the building. The local police will not allow anyone who is armed into the building, so our group will remain outside as a reminder that we have a right to be there.

If you would be willing to help us make a statement here, please reply ASAP. We will provide details later as to where and when.

The Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force is an association of private citizens engaging in the free exercise of their God-given, constitutionally protected right to be armed.Visit:

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John Willowby

I am sorry to say you were led astray. There is no gun ban in Ruidoso and there never will be. The mayoral letter has been revoked and is no long in force, not that it ever was enforceable to begin with. The good citizens of Ruidoso and village council revoked this letter.

Wyatt Earp

you people are nuts….not trying to take weapons (in case the Russians come…lol) but only to protect those in public Ruidoso gov buildings. Too bad you wackos can't find another more critical issue to pounce on…


James A

Y'all need to get him out of office. I hope the the village can get Alborn out of office and get someone eles in there that is behind the 2 amendment and keep bearing arms. I wish I was there to protest with you but in faith I am there.

Bob Trent

Looks like 30-14-4 E bans possession of firearms on church property?

H'mmm. I think me an' my homies'll go hold up the church right after they take the collection. All those law-abidin' citizens'll have left their guns at home. Maybe there won't be any cops in church?

Bob Trent

Where is it legitimate to forbid the possession of weapons? Inside jails? Inside courthouses?

What exactly is "public property? Streets and roads?


This is illegal, against Federal law. Don't let it stop you from carrying. If they try to stop you, you might come out of it wealthy.

Jack Johnson

HITLER & OBAMA & now another little tyrant named RAY ALBORN !

Amazing !


Wow…this guy needs to be recalled. I am not from Ruidoso, but I won't be spending any money there if this "law" is upheld. Gross negligence for sure.

Jody H

Doesn't the mayor know that Alamogordo had to pay out $21000 in an open carry lawsuit just a few years ago?

That was paid out in a Federal 4th Amendment deprivation of rights lawsuit.

btw: since the mayor is asserting that he is the chief executive officer with the same power as a Sheriff, how about prosecuting him personally under 18-I-13-242 "Deprivation of rights under color of law".

If I wasn't in Hobbs I'd be with you folks at the meeting, but my open carry protest will just have to wait until the weekend.

Dennis Coslett

Not only should there be a lawsuit, but also a movement to either impeach or recall the mayor. Just a thought.

Another thought . . . why don't/won't these fearful Liberals learn from the lesson of history that gun bans don't work?


Boy oh boy,

Gus Raymond Alborn

Lowest of the low gun hater.

Eric Equis

This is what happens when youy let liberals from Kali occupy your state! They ruined their state now they want to ruin YOURS with their bad law and emotional-driven policy!

Whomever sues over this also needs to sue for ALL legal expenses and then some to teach these libtards a lesson that you can't just frivolously violate the civil rights of Americans and NOT pay dearly for trying!

SAF folks… get SAF behind you!


I'm certain that "The Second Amendment Foundation" would LOVE to get involved in this. Does the name Alan Gura sound familiar?

He is one of the lawyers retained by The SAF.

I highly recomend you contact them

Adam Blumenthal

Disgusting and illegal. It makes me sad when our elected officials become dictators. I wonder if His Honor is as aware of the state constitution as he is of the statutory references?

As a homeowner in NM I am shocked at his actions. Can he be prosecuted for violating the state constitution?