Sunday Hunting Needs Your Support in Pennsylvania

Sunday Hunting Needs Your Support in Pennsylvania

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( The prohibition on Sunday hunting is an old blue law left on the books in only six states.

Hunters pump millions of dollars into habitat restoration and conservation and they are primarily responsible for healthy ecosystems throughout Pennsylvania.

Many hunters cannot introduce their children or friends to hunting because Saturday is their only opportunity, and they are competing with various other activities.

The addition of an extra day in the field increases a person’s available time to enjoy our hunting heritage. This will invigorate essential hunter recruitment and retention efforts.

Concerns have been raised that focus on the thought that allowing Sunday hunting would lead to more private land owners posting their land; however, other states that have recently adopted Sunday hunting have not had that happen. In addition, under this proposal, private land owners will still have the option to limit hunting on their land to six days a week.

Sunday hunting will also bring a much-needed economic boost to rural areas. Comprehensive research from the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that allowing hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania would generate a total annual economic impact estimated at $764 million and create more than 8,000 jobs. This legislation will clearly help advance and preserve the Keystone State’s rich hunting traditions, enhance biodiversity and wildlife populations, and provide a much needed economic boost during these difficult times.

You must make yourself heard in order to counter those who oppose this critical expansion of hunting opportunity! The state House Game and Fisheries Committee is considering this legislation. Please contact members of this committee TODAY and urge them to support ending the prohibition on Sunday hunting. Contact information can be found here.

Sunday Hunting’s Positive Impacts

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