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  1. I have a plr 16 kel tec, been researching so hard I just have no more energy. Know that su 16 has a black out conversion but it’s said the blackout’s optimal barrel length is 12”s and the plr16 comes wit basicall a 10”. And is the 300 blackout the any conversion practical for my gun, thought I even read were a 50 grendal was an option. If you could just tell me all the conversion opitions just so I can have a starting piont, I’d really appreciate it.

  2. I have 300 blackout diamondback. I am looking to obtain a silencer for my gun. I was hoping you could point me in the right area.. thank you and outstanding web site..

    1. Gemtech all the way, model: GMT-3000, with this suppressor and subsonic ammunition, it’s no louder than an air rifle, there is a great article in”tactical weapons” the firearm and suppressor combo allow you to shoot supersonic and subsonic loads without any mods or alterations, this is ideal of you want a rifle that can shoot out several hundred yards with more kinetic energy than and ak round, but that requires a supersonic round which will still be very loud due to the bullet breaking the sound barrier and making that familiar crack, however by simply switching magazines filled with subsonic rounds in the same rifle, the noise signature is reduced drastically, to the point that bolt cycling is just as loud, ooh and of course with an ideal barrel , suppressor, and ammo.

      1. He’s right with the gemtech.Gemtechs come with a warranty,,just be careful with barrel mods( if the barrel is cut down to short) Gemtech won’t honor the warranty like any other company. An sbr will shorten the silencers life quite a bit.

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