Congressman Issa Announces New Subpoenas For Holder

Congressman Issa Announces New Subpoenas For Holder
100 Fast And Furious Guns Show Up In El Paso, Texas.

arsenal of cartel member – Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo
Arsenal Of Cartel Member – Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo
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Washington DC – -( Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder tried to stall the momentum building behind the Fast and Furious investigation by submitting a letter to Senate and Congressional investigators in which he continued to plead ignorance, and in which he did his best to undercut the progress of the investigation to this point.

In the letter, Holder actually had the gall to re-affirm his feigned ignorance of Fast and Furious: “[I have] no recollection of knowing about Fast and Furious or of hearing its name prior to the public controversy about it.” (In other words, Holder’s holding to the timeline he provided to the House Oversight Committee on May 3rd, when he claimed he’d only learned of Fast and Furious over the last “few weeks.”)

However, as I wrote last week for Big Government, documents have been released that show Holder has been receiving briefings on Fast and Furious since July 2010 (and a recently uncovered ATF slideshow makes it feasible that he was briefed as early as March 2010).

Anyway, the good news is that Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) isn’t deviating from his pursuit of justice. Therefore, instead of dropping or slowing the Fast and Furious investigation (in light of Holder’s letter), Issa appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace on October 9th and announced that “new subpoenas” will soon be headed Holder’s way.

This news was made worse for Holder by the weekend revelation that 40 Fast and Furious weapons were found in the arsenal of a single cartel member – Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo – and that there is hard proof that approximately 100 Fast and Furious weapons were moved to El Paso, TX (after being purchased in Phoenix) for distribution purposes.

(In addition to assault rifles, these weapons included an anti-aircraft machine gun, a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher.)

Isn’t comforting to know our taxpayer dollars may have been used to buy an anti-aircraft gun for the cartel?

Folks, this is a mess beyond the scope of anything we’ve seen in decades. And we can’t trust Holder to get to the bottom of it: As the New York Post put it, “Holder lied to the American people — under oath, before Congress — and thus is unfit to investigate allegations of criminal negligence in the Justice Department.”

Taking all these things in their totality, issuing the new subpoenas is a great idea, because those come on the heels of Holder’s refusal to admit he wasn’t honest in Congressional testimony on May 3rd. Now, when he’s under oath with all the evidence that’s come out in the last three weeks, his story will have to change or he’ll join Bill Clinton as one of the great obstructionists of our time.

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