Fire Eric Holder

Fire Eric Holder

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( I won’t dance around on this one.

America needs to Fire Attorney General Eric Holder and Investigate the ATF!

Smuggled weapons. Drug cartels. Murdered American border patrol agents. Cover-ups. Perjury.

One of these alone should be enough to get those responsible fired. Put together, and there’s no other choice:

We must fire Attorney General Eric Holder and Investigate the ATF!

You’ve read about the scandal engulfing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (BATFE) and your National Association for Gun Rights has been on the case every step of the way, calling on Congress to investigate and get to the bottom of the ATF’s gun-smuggling scheme, “Fast & Furious.”

But just this week it was revealed that President Obama’s handpicked Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed on “Fast & Furious” as early as the Summer of 2010 …

… even though he swore under oath before Congress that he found out about the scandal only a few weeks ago.

That’s right. Obama’s Attorney General — Eric Holder — lied under oath before a Congressional committee, so he could continue to hide the truth about the ATF’s “Fast & Furious” scandal.

This is the very scandal that found the ATF using taxpayer funds to walk firearms across the border into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists.

But dig even deeper, and gun activists will find out this scheme was concocted as a public relations blitz by the Obama Administration to advance their anti-gun agenda with the UN “Small Arms Treaty,” a renewed so-called “Assault Weapons” ban and a host of dangerous gun controls.

The “Fast & Furious” program itself was just another manufactured crisis to try to scare Americans into banning firearms.

But now, because of a sustained campaign of grassroots pressure on Congress spearheaded by NAGR, Eric Holder and EVEN the ATF might be on the ropes.

Gun owners like you and me MUST hold Eric Holder and the ATF accountable.

Please demand Congressional leadership appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Eric Holder and the ATF, and to hold them accountable for their acts against the Constitution.

For months, NAGR has asked you to contact your member of Congress to demand accountability for “Fast & Furious.” Hundreds of thousands of NAGR members and supporters have made their voices heard on Capitol Hill.

Attorney General Holder has tried to create a scapegoat by “reassigning” the Acting Director of the ATF, Kenneth Melson …

… but that’s not good enough.

Gun owners and ALL Americans need to know what role Eric Holder played in “Fast & Furious.”

To keep the heat on Congress and Fire Eric Holder and Investigate the ATF, demanding a special prosecutor investigate Eric Holder and the ATF — at once.

Eric Holder has a long and storied history of supporting radical, anti-Second Amendment gun control legislation and legal positions.

He has made statements over the years indicating that:

  • Gun ownership is a “collective right” not an individual one;
  • The Second Amendment is not a barrier to gun confiscation;
  • There should be federal licensing requirements, rationing of handgun sales to one per month, a national gun registration, the federal government should have the power to shut down gun shows … and the list goes on and on.

Eric Holder is an enemy to every Second Amendment advocate in this country and he is covering up a scandal that is engulfing the ATF — the most anti-gun federal agency.

Gun owners — and voters like you and me — must know: Did Eric Holder and the Obama administration knowingly allow the ATF to smuggle weapons to drug cartels in an attempt to deceive the American people to support gun control?

And did Eric Holder lie under oath to cover up this program? How many times over the last decade have you and I heard: “What did he know and when did he know it?” This is the question that gun activists are demanding of our government.

It’s time for the federal government to stop placing our gun rights in their experimental test tube they use to run left-wing social experiments. How deep does this scandal go? How long does it last? Holder isn’t enough — the corruption is institutional at ATF.

And the more we dig, the more I’ve dealt with the ATF, the more it has become apparent that it’s time for a full-fledged investigation into the corrupt and anti-constitution bureaucracy of the ATF.

I need your help right now. The truth is there’s no time to waste. You and I have to be prepared for this fight to move FAST.

  • Do you believe the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the supreme law of the land?
  • Do you believe the ATF’s secret scheme to subvert your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms must be opposed?
  • Do you believe that Attorney General Eric Holder should be held accountable for lying under oath to cover up the “Fast & Furious” scandal?

The National Association for Gun Rights will continue contacting Second Amendment supporters to turn up the heat on Attorney General Eric Holder and the out-of-control ATF.

Not only that, but I’ve instructed my staff to prepare a massive program to turn up the heat on Congress and demand that they direct a special prospector to fully investigate Eric Holder and the ATF.

Direct mail. Phones. E-mail. Blogs. Guest editorials. Press conferences. Hard-hitting internet, newspaper, radio and even TV ads if funding permits. The whole nine yards.

Of course, a program of this scale is only possible if the National Association for Gun Rights can raise all the funds necessary to implement this battle plan.

But that’s not easy, and we may not have much time. The truth is, we just don’t know how deep this scandal goes.

Make no mistake, a lot more is at stake than Eric Holder committing perjury. We just don’t know how far up the chain of command this goes.

  • Did President Obama know that the ATF was using taxpayer funds to funnel American firearms to narco-terrorists in Mexico?
  • Did Holder and Obama know that those same firearms were used to kill U.S. law-enforcement officer Brian Terry?
  • Was this program run simply to build the case for more gun restrictions in America?

These are the VERY questions that we gun owners need to know. And that is why I need you to demand the Firing Eric Holder and Investigate the ATF RIGHT NOW.

Thank you in advance for your time and personal devotion to defending our Second Amendment rights.

For Freedom,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath before a Congressional committee to cover up the ATF “Fast & Furious” scandal that sent smuggled weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists.

The National Association for Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. The National Association for Gun Rights’ mailing address is P.O 7002, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-405-4570. Its web address is

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Just finished reading FIRE Eric Holder. You should allso add IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

Why hasent anyone thought of this???? He 9Obama) certanly has done more than enough to warrent such action.

PS. impeach AND imprisom would seam more approate, as he is definately a enemy of the U.S.A. ( internal Terroist maybe)

Michael Chapman

Why don't we kick this arrogant anti- democracy president out , for all he has done to tare us apart!!! They BOOTED Nixon OUT!


It has been reported that the Bush administration in 100% collaboration with the Mexican government tried a similiar program to track gun flow from USA into Mexico,however,the program proved to be a failure and was ended.The investigation of "Fast and Furious" must include scutiny of President Obama,every member of his staff and cabinet,DOJ AG Holder,DHS Secy Napolitano and USCIS/ATF to identify each person that resurrected the failed program WITHOUT the approval and cooperation of the Mexican government. The venal Obama administration is liable for the lives lost as a result of "Fast and Furious" and the Obama administration declared the… Read more »

Robert Krawiec

On FOX news last night, Rep. Issa stated that Holder didnt lie , it was a lack of candor. If a citizen who was not a political appointeetried that, he would be jailed. Is Washington that arrogant to not only believe that the sheeple are that stupid, but we dont recognize the word LIE ? Holder should resign now and hope hes not convicted of perjury at best. The way this is being delayed, no investigation can reach any conclusion before the Nov. election.This is a disgrace, contempt for the politicians has reached new heights. Its time for everyone to… Read more »

malcolm kyle

The fast & furious gun-running Feds are not only guilty of murder but also of bankrolling ruthless criminals, international terrorists, right/left-wing paramilitaries and various death squads with their counter-productive, sado-moralist policy of Prohibition. Colombia, Peru, Mexico or Afghanistan with their coca leaves, marijuana buds or poppy sap are not igniting temptation in the minds of our weak, innocent citizens. These countries are duly responding to the enormous demand that comes from within our own borders. Invading or destroying these countries, thus creating more hate, violence, instability, injustice and corruption, will not fix our problem. We need to collectively admit that… Read more »