Firearms Lawyer EVAN NAPPEN to Address the New Jersey Second Amendment Society

Firearms Lawyer EVAN NAPPEN to Address the New Jersey Second Amendment Society
American Legion Post 129 – 2025 Church Road – Toms River, NJ
Date: 03 Dec 2011 7:00 PM EST

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( You all know Evan Nappen as the Attorney who wrote the book on New Jersey Gun Laws. NJ Firearms owners have been relying upon the information in Evan’s book since the first edition. Now Evan has released a new book entitled

“The Bulletproof Gun Owner – How NOT to Become a Victim of NJ Gun Laws!”

Evan will be talking about his new book as well as current issues of concern to NJ Firearms owners. Most importantly, he has agreed to open things up for an extensive Q&A session after his presentation. During the Q&A, Evan will address the NUMEROUS concerns that we have as gun owners in New Jersey.

Please bring your specific, individual concerns and questions with you. Evan will stay as long necessary and would like to answer as many questions as possible. Please remember to invite your family, friends, neighbors and shooting buddies, but please keep in mind:


I would like to personally thank Evan for the enthusiasm he has shown about creating this UNIQUE event for the members and guests of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. By showing his support he is recognizing the value and importance of what we are doing for the RKBA in NJ.

For everyone interested, Evan will be available to sign copies of his new book.

Bring your checkbooks and don’t forget to make a generous donation to the NJ2AS Operation Establish Compliance Fund.

We have retained an attorney to represent us and are looking for plaintiffs particularly in Atlantic County. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a plaintiff.

More information and online registration: *** EVAN NAPPEN *** to Address the NJ2AS

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