Global Outfitters TV and Website Bring Outdoor Education into the Home

Global Outfitters TV and Website Bring Outdoor Education into the Home

Global Outfitters TV
Global Outfitters TV and Website Bring Outdoor Education into the Home
Global Outfitters TV
Global Outfitters TV

Huntsville, AL –-( Adults and youth alike find learning outdoor skills quick, easy and fun by watching Global Outfitters TV and visiting the website.

Sam Hall, CEO of Global Outfitters, states it best, “There are hundreds of people in the U.S. who do not have a favorite uncle who is a master hunter, angler or outdoor chef. In short, they have no one to teach them outdoors skills.

There are hundreds of youngsters who have no one experienced in woodsmanship to mentor them in outdoor education. There are hundreds of men and women who have some level of outdoor skills, but want somewhere to go to advance their skill level. Global Outfitters designed its TV show and website for these three groups of people.

Not only does Global Outfitters TV and website teach outdoor skills, but we are the link between adventure outfitters and the outdoor enthusiast. We are a full-service outdoor network.”

Global Outfitters TV airs on the Pursuit Channel to all Direct TV and Dish Network subscribers Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST and Tuesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. EST. It brings solid outdoor instruction from industry professionals on such skills as archery, dog training, shooting, hunting, fishing, game calling, wildlife habitat and more. Also, the fast-moving programming connects outdoor enthusiasts to featured professional outfitters who can provide a fun place to go to use their outdoor skills. According to Hall, “This is a first-ever television connection of the end user with the recreation provider — a win-win for both.”

Realizing that a TV program cannot provide all the information and instruction wanted by the outdoor enthusiast, Global Outfitters developed a website,, that continues the outdoor education started on television and takes it into much more detail with articles by nationally known outdoorsmen such as John E. Phillips, Richard Mann, Kevin Reese, Bob Humphrey, Rick Flippen and J. Wayne Fears.

How to enjoy the outdoors at a higher level is stressed, as is where to go to enjoy the outdoors, and how youngsters can become a part of the outdoor scene. is rapidly becoming the website to go to if anyone wants to become skilled in the outdoors or is looking for an outfitter to take him or her on an outdoor adventure.

Global Outfitters is changing the face of outdoor education by teaching on TV and on the web, and bringing the best of outdoor education into the home.

The Global Outfitters Show is co-hosted by notable teachers including Bryon Ferguson and Dr. Warren Strickland on GO Archery, Terry Hetrick and Chris Reed on GO Shooting, Rick Flippen on GO Gundog, Jim Martin on GO Game Calls and J. Wayne Fears on GO Habitat.

For more information, check out, or email [email protected] or call 256-585-1677.

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