GOABC International Wildlife Management Symposium

International Wildlife Management Symposium
Managing Wildlife in the Next Century

Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia
Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

Richmond, BC. –-(Ammoland.com)- This year the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) will be hosting our first International Wildlife Management Symposium: Managing Wildlife in the Next Century.

The symposium attendees will hear international conservation experts speak on the social, political and environmental pressures on wildlife management in their regions.

These experts will review successful management techniques and provide strategic direction of wildlife management for British Columbia.

Society is becoming increasingly urban, which is not only changing wildlife habitat, but is also changing social perceptions about how environmental issues should be approached.

GOABC International Wildlife Management Symposium
GOABC International Wildlife Management Symposium

There is a myth that wildlife exists by accident and that resource conservation means leaving nature untouched. Guide outfitters and hunters are not seen as stewards of the land. Recent polls revealed that 15% of Americans oppose hunting and 15% support legal hunting. The anti- hunting movement is loud, well-organized and portrays hunters as the enemies of environmental conservation to the 70% “in the middle”.

We want educate non-hunters on the positive role that hunters play in conservation and encourage them to be active in conservation. Furthermore, we also to start a fundamental shift among sportsmen from caring about hunting to caring about all wildlife. Ranchers care about their cattle, anglers care about fish and hunters need to be passionate about preserving a diversity of wildlife species.

It is important that science, not politics or social pressure, is used to guide wildlife management decisions.

The GOABC wants to establish a commitment to the North American Wildlife Conservation Model in BC. The model provides an overarching perspective that is cognizant of history and emphasizes the importance of science in resource management.

A commitment to using science in wildlife management is key to preserving the diversity and richness of wildlife and their habitat.

Anyone who cares about wildlife should attend this symposium. It will take place Dec 8-9, 2011 at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, BC.

For more information please contact GOABC at 1-877-818-2688 or [email protected]

December 8 and 9,2011
The Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel

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