Montana Outfitter Has License Suspended For Two Years

Montana Outfitter Has License Suspended For Two Years

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

MALTA, Mont. –-( A three yearlong investigation and prosecution that led to the conviction of a licensed Montana outfitter has now led to the Montana Board of Outfitters suspending the outfitters license for two years and an administrative fine of $2,500.00.

Details of the board’s order are as follows: Greslin’s two year suspension is stayed for 18 months. During the 18 months his license will be on probation and he shall have no further violations of statute or administrative rule.

Also, he must complete the Advanced Outfitter Class before he completes the transfer of his business.

“The case began during the fall of 2005 when three mule deer bucks were found wasted in a dumpsite near Polson, MT, and a spoiled mule deer buck was brought into Broadus Meats for processing. All of the deer had a license on them belonging to outfitter sponsored hunting clients of Kenneth Greslin, owner of Powder River Outfitters,” said Lennie Buhmann, a Fish, Wildlife and Parks Regional Investigator.

A two yearlong investigation by several Montana Game Wardens discovered numerous violations by outfitted clients, including the killing of two antelope without valid licenses, the loan and transfer of licenses and archery clients hunting without a valid archery license.

Information about the two unlawfully killed antelope, which were transported over state boundaries, was turned over to Brian Lakes, Special Agent with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Officer Lakes issued a violation notice to outfitter Kenneth Greslin for violating the Lacey Act and he paid a fine of $2,025.00 in United States District Court.

Greslin was also cited in Powder River and Lewis & Clark County Justice Courts for several violations of an outfitter misrepresenting services to clients and for failing to submit complete and accurate records to the Montana Board of Outfitters. Dan Guzynski from the Attorney General’s Office reviewed the case and filed the complaints in Powder River and Lewis & Clark County Justice Courts. The final result was a plea agreement where Greslin pled guilty to one count in each court. He paid a total of $1,070.00 in fines for the two convictions.

“The Board of Outfitter’s final order brings to a close a lengthy investigation and successful prosecution that was a result of hundreds of man hours by several game wardens, the Attorney General’s Office and county prosecutors”, Investigator Buhmann said.

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