Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Strongly Supports Ruffed Grouse Restocking in Missouri

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Strongly Supports Ruffed Grouse Restocking in Missouri

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation

Buffalo, Missouri –-(Ammoland.com)- The active hunting season in Missouri for the native ruffed grouse was closed this year due to declining populations state wide, a call to action by sportsman is now needed.

“We are dealing with a critical point for the population of wild ruffed grouse in Missouri. A plan is being put together working with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the MO Grouse Chapter of QUWF as well as our National Office to restock the majestic upland bird before it is too late” states Craig Alderman, Director of QUWF.

“To date our Missouri grouse chapter has placed nearly a decade of active preparatory on-the-ground habitat work and over $250,000 of donated dollars into getting the ruffed grouse restocked on quality habitat, believed now to be very suitable by leading grouse biologists” explains Alderman.

“QUWF and its landowner and general members are battling on several fronts to restore habitat for all upland game but the wild ruffed grouse in Missouri has to have special consideration now or it will not be here in a very short time”, states Craig, “and we can measure that in short years”.

Many chapters of QUWF are working habitat for the wild quail, doves, turkey or deer but none are as dedicated than the QUWF grouse chapter who has made the commitment to cover the majority of costs of restocking to the MDC.

“We are making a HUGE financial commitment to the state and all conservationists to save the ruffed grouse. Most members, qualified biologists in their own right, have made many personal and financial commitments to see this through. We cannot allow the drumming of the ruffed grouse to disappear from our Missouri lands”, emphasizes Tom Westhoff, chairman of the Grouse Chapter and lead contact with the chapter.

“We hope this final study, they are requiring now, will be expedited and let’s get to the work at hand. With most states cost would be the factor but we are raising funds across the mid-west and will cover most of the restocking efforts. Missourians are not known for letting their resources just die away so we are really fighting for the grouse, it is that serious” states Westhoff.

QUWF National, the MO grouse chapter and MDC Director Robert Ziehmer and his staff have met numerous times to formulate an action plan “We are all in this together” , Ziehmer said in the latest meeting in Hermann, MO.

QUWF will follow the project through its newsletter, the “Whistle Call” available to all members on line at www.quwf.net. Ruffed Grouse numbers have declined across its range so a positive plan is needed now.

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