MSNBC Analyst and Hard News Anchors Attack Second Amendment

MSNBC Analyst and Hard News Anchors Attack Second Amendment

Freedom Hating MSNBC News Analyst Alex Wagner
Freedom Hating MSNBC News Analyst Alex Wagner
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( So far this month, two MSNBC personalities —Alex Wagner and Craig Melvin— have twice mocked or otherwise maligned the Second Amendment and the people who look to it as a bedrock guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms.

In one instance, Wagner even called for us to “get rid of the second Amendment” altogether and to bid adieu to “the right to bear arms.”

If you’re thinking that you’ve never heard of either Wagner or Melvin, that’s okay, no one else has either; they’re on MSNBC, for Pete’s sake.

Anyway, MSNBC or not, the two mental heavyweights each made some statements that are so ludicrous they must either flow from raw ignorance or an ideologically-driven arrogance that is unimaginable to the average American.

For example, on November 1st, Melvin was guest hosting News Nation when he tried to take Spartanburg, S.C. Sheriff Chuck Wright to task for suggesting women in Spartanburg should arm themselves to defend against would-be rapists. In fact, the Sheriff not only suggested getting a weapon, but actually used a press conference to describe the best kinds of handguns women should consider carrying: “They got one called ‘The Judge’ that shoots a .45 or a .410 shell. [With it] you ain’t gotta be accurate. You just gotta get close.”

Asked Melvin: “If women are shooting potential attackers, aren’t they presuming guilt before innocence? What if a woman kills an attacker? Isn’t that opening another whole legal can of worms?”

Sheriff Wright responded: “Well, it’s easy to fix that. Just don’t attack a woman.”

(Can I get a quick YEEHAW! out of anybody?)

Anyway, Melvin couldn’t handle this and went on to give the impression that he wasn’t sure individual Americans needed guns because we have policemen who can take care of us.

And earlier this week, it was Wagner who responded to Bill Maher’s question, “What would you change in the Constitution?” by saying:

Well, I’m going to be pilloried for this. I think get rid of the second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I just think in the grand scheme of the rights that we have; the right of assembly, free speech, I mean, owning a gun does not, it does not tally on the same level as those other Constitutional rights. And being more discreet about who gets to have a firearm and right to kill with a firearm, I think is something that would be in our national interest to revisit that.

Besides her apparent problems with speaking clearly —the transcript reads like she went to the Al Sharpton School of Public Rambling— the central point of Wagner’s answer is idiotic. For what is it that ultimately guarantees all our rights if not the ability of armed and therefore free men to defend those rights?

I wonder if Wagner would be willing to take time out during her next television appearance to tell the women of Spartanburg: “Don’t get a gun to protect yourself: Just call the police and hopefully they’ll get there before the attack is over.”

Where does MSNBC find these people anyway?

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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Mentioning “police” is a giveaway for you City folk. There’s no such thing as “Police” out in the boonies. At best you get one sheriff and a couple volunteer deputies. People wanting more gun control are probably in NYC, take the subway to work, and see “police officers” all the time. When you live in the middle of Montana and your nearest neighbor is 20 miles down the road it’s a different story. When you look at a map, you will see a lot more farm and country than urban sprawl. People challenging the 2nd amendment are lacking in perspective.… Read more »


You are a joke.


The lack of concern or basic level of care for people who have committed suicide is pathetic. First of all most suicides by gun are either successful, meaning the person dies, or they end with the person leaving themselves with lasting severe head injuries. Gun suicides happens in less then a second and there is no turning back, you can't change your mind and call 911, no one can come and revive you after the fact. I hope you all will remember that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Everyone has problems at times and make a… Read more »

Madeline Ong-Sakata

I wish Alex would change her hair style on the left side of her face; the constant pushing back that hair is distracting to her news reporting, etc. Please pin it back or something.

I like her show, but just watching her hair get in the way is annoying.

Robert Krawiec

Why is the politicians who want more gun control and disarm the citizenry have armed escorts to protect them? The journalists in question ,and I am definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt, want to repeal the 2nd amendment. The Bill of Rights guarantees the other freedoms they think they deserve, but the 2nd amendment is the only amendment that guarantees them all.

Tsgt B

So, how is the Kool Aid, Karl? If you would do a little OBJECTIVE, HONEST research on the subject, you would find that over half of the "300,000" were SUICIDES, and would have killed themselves with or without a gun, and approximately half of the rest were JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDES. Further, the Second Amendment has been used – righteously, I might add – by LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS to the tune of between 500,000 to 2,500,000 times a year, based on GOVERNMENT STATISTICS, to defend themselves, and others, against criminal attack. Add to this the FACT that courts at all levels, including the… Read more »


The second amendment has been used and abused by the gun manufacturers in this country, and the hunters they fill with fear. Fearful events are used as an excuse to sell more and more arms to people who are killing each other in record numbers. Since 9/11, 300,000 Americans have died at the end of the barrels of the guns of other Americans. Just what we need – – more guns on the street – -NOT!


Interesting statistics you have there Karl. Of course you wouldn’t mind citing links where we can go to verify those statistics.
Of course you can’t because they don’t exist!
Why not try this – Department of Justice, FBI crime report, they ALL refute the drivel that you are spewing.
Please step back from MSLSD and wake up and smell the coffee!


MSNBC, must have alot of trusting fools. MSNBC and your anchors have proven yourselves as Obama's useful idiots. Your comments haven't panned out. I point to Europe mid 1930's as my proof.

Every country that has attempted your stated goals devolved into a dictator state. Do you really want a state monopoly on force? Now think what would say if we had a president that you hate more than President Bush, a true security driven conservative.

The Gun Guy

Lord, don't "git me goin'" on this one! The same old crock! One of the comments regarding "dialing 9-1-1" I just love is, "When seconds count, the police will arrive in minutes." One: unless a cruiser is parked just a few doors away, the arrival of the police will probably be too late to prevent the crime. Two: people (the ignorant) are not aware that the courts in virtually every state have ruled the police have a responsibility to defend the PUBLIC, not the INDIVIDUAL. So, if you get a busy signal, are told to "hold" or the police just… Read more »