NJ Governor Christie Shows his Anti-Gun-Owner Hand

NJ Governor Christie Shows his Anti-Gun-Owner Hand

State Mandated Victimhood and You - Perfect Together!
State Mandated Victimhood and You - Perfect Together!
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)-  In a move that did not surprise New Jersey gun owners, Governor Chris Christie made it clear that he is no friend of the “right to keep and Bear Arms” (RKBA) in New Jersey.

As revealed in an email from a spokesman for the governor, Christie has not changed his position since his 2009 campaign when he told The Record:

“I believe that each state should have the right to make firearms laws as they see fit. I don’t believe it’s right for the federal government to get into the middle of this and decide firearms laws for the people of the state of New Jersey.”

This in spite of the fact that the state’s entire NJ Republican delegation in the House voted for a bill that would grant National Reciprocity to any U.S. citizen who has a legitimate license to carry a discreet handgun in their home state for self-defense (please see following article): Christie Opposes handgun leniency

Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ-D) (Anti-Gun) (Alias - Crypt Keeper)
Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ-D) (Anti-Gun)

Once again, Chris Christie turns his back on Conservative Republicans and the freedom loving people of New Jersey and sides with the likes of super liberals like [and second amendment haters] Frank Lautenberg and Loretta Weinberg.

He could not make his distrust of legal, law-abiding firearms owners any clearer.

For some inconceivable reason, our governor fails to understand several key points regarding legal firearms ownership. First of all, it is a fundamental unalienable right of a free human to use arms to protect their life, loved ones and property. Second, in recognition of this right, the founders codified in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Since that is a FEDERALLY mandated admonition, it is entirely appropriate that the RKBA be recognized on a National basis WITHOUT interference from the states or anyone else.

The bill in question is H.R.822. This bill does not allow dangerous criminals to carry firearms in New Jersey. It simply allows those law-abiding individuals who have gone through the legal process of obtaining a carry permit in their home state to carry discreetly in any state.

It prevents law-abiding carry permit holders from having their legitimate RIGHTS infringed upon by people like Chris Christie.

Considering that our governor will not allow the decent law-abiding citizens of our OWN state to legally carry a discreet handgun for self-defense, it is no surprise that he opposes this bill. Governor Christie’s inability to understand the basic laws of nature (such as the morality of self-defense) and the dictates of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold has kept NJ citizens in a constant state of victimization. If you are prevented from defending your life and your family once you leave your doorstep, you are forced into being a potential victim. The fact that more than 40 of the 50 states routinely issue concealed carry permits to their law-abiding citizens should be duly noted here. Furthermore, it has been more than adequately demonstrated by Professor John Lott in his book “More Guns Less Crime” that as legal gun ownership increases, violent crime decreases.

There is no excuse for treating NJ citizens as second class Americans.

I encourage each and every respectable law-abiding person in New Jersey to write to the governor and to the Senators of this and other states and tell them that you support their efforts to pass Bill H.R.822 and stop the victimization of so many decent fellow Americans.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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Jack Gamble

Christie better veto the bills their voting on today or he can kiss his job and any chances in 2016 goodbye.

Q.D. McGraw

It just rustles my jimmies when PoppinFresh has St. Troopoers at his beck & call,blames all unions for this Gulags money woes, and the lot of you fell for his crap.Read the op-ed of any paper & so braiwashed are the SHEEPLE that you still back his lard ass 'cept when it comes to firearms!

bob barker

I love it when you right wing gun nut nutjobs eat your own!

Jim Getz

That guy is the most disgusting man I have ever saw put in a government position.Besides flying to his sons football game in a helicopter at tax payer expense!Vote him out!Wake up people of New Jersey!


Sure am glad Christie didn't decide to run for President. I would have no one to vote for and would have to write my own name in. Justice Story wrote that the feds could never write an anti-gun law because the Second Amendment (2A) ties them down (proven to be not true), but that should any state try to, and that states would/could be the only ones seeking such, that the people could rely on the 2A as their gaurantor in such case. What about this doesn't the RINO Christie understand? States have no right to deny guaranteed rights any… Read more »


Christie = RINO

don holmes

How does the mentally retarted constently get elected? I would like to see his Hippy pics. of the late 60s and early 70s. Or is he just plain stupid? If he cannot understand the 2nd ammendment I would have to assume it's all of the above.

Iam sorry but that is the way I feel,and it scares the heck out of me knowing he is just one out of a whole orchard of rotten apples.

Maybe a history test should be added to the qualifing requirements to hold any public office to show a sound mind and body.


It's called the 'Bill of Rights' for a reason.

Namely, it places 'limitations' on what GOVERNMENT can not do.

The 2nd Amendment supersedes all .Govs 'laws', including state and local toadies, too.


The best answer is to support Ron Paul for President. He is 100% pro-gun, 100% pro-Constitution, and 100% anti-UN.


Christie must be exposed-all 500 pounds of anti gun RINO political big mouth of him.

The citizens of the Gestap State Garden State have been denied their Constitutional rights, have been railroaded into kangaroo courts, have had honest lives ruined, and have been treated with contempt by the political class for too many years.

How can this be ? Is the biggest voting bloc in the state anti gun weasels ?

Michael Smith

It's amazing to me that anyone could consider Christie to be a conservative.Why would anyone want that RINO to run for president?Why do the good people in New Jersey continue to tolerate this statist demagogue?Why do they vote for the leftist tyrant Lautenberg?Why should we,the people,ask the Gov't for permission to freely exercise a constitutional right?

John Rambo

A degenerate neocon statist showing his trotskyite roots.

Daniel Nicolae

And we had so many morons asking for THIS moron to run for president, remember? I would never vote for Christie "Crispy Creme"! EVER!!! Or Romney, for same reason…