Outdoor Television Personality Neal Rohrbach Teams with Goey Hunting Calls

Outdoor Television Personality Neal Rohrbach Teams with Goey Hunting Calls

Outdoorchannel TV
Outdoorchannel TV

Oley, PA –-(Ammoland.com)- Neal Rohrbach, an Outdoor Television Personality, is the latest addition to the Goey Hunting Calls Pro Staff, and the first hunting celebrity to join the team.

The guys behind Goey Hunting Calls are waterfowl nuts, driven by their passion for duck and goose hunting. They all have “day jobs” but spend their free time scouting, hunting, building and tuning calls.

After first meeting Rohrbach at an Outdoor Channel Celebrity Meet & Greet, at the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, they knew instantly that he shared the same passions and waterfowl drive that the company was founded on.

“We knew we were turning great calls out of our shop, and that it was time to take a stab at carrying the brand outside of the Northeast,” said Steve Lyle, owner of Goey Hunting Calls.

“When our calls impressed Neal, a guy who chases waterfowl from the Prairie Pothole Region to the Florida marshes, we knew we had an opportunity on our hands to get a TV personality on our Pro Staff and show hunters across the Nation that with a Goey call on your lanyard, you’re that much closer to a limit.”

Outdoor Television Personality Neal Rohrbach
Outdoor Television Personality Neal Rohrbach Teams with Goey Hunting Calls

In addition to the pro-staffers building these calls, and a select group of professional waterfowl guides, Rohrbach has offered his name, on-air product usage, celebrity appearances and fan following to aid in spreading the word about Goey Hunting Calls.

“I pride myself in the fact that I don’t stick my neck out for any product that doesn’t produce results,” shared Rohrbach, “and by results I mean limiting out or filling tags by sunset. Yeah, I can drop ducks outside 40 yards, but it sure is a heck of a lot more fun to run a Goey call and have them landing in the blind with me.”

Rohrbach grew up hunting and fishing on the family farm in Clarksburg, Missouri and has been shouldering a shotgun since well before he had his driver’s license. He hosted all 26 episodes of the popular Outdoor Channel television show, Outdoor Channel Outfitters, in 2011, but is trading the scripts and makeup for face paint and hunting licenses in 2012, filming hunting segments for both Outdoor Channel Outfitters and Ultimate Outdoors.

About Goey Hunting Calls
Goey Hunting Calls is a company with the two backgrounds necessary to build quality sounding and reliable hunting calls. They have been in the machining business for over 20 years and have been hunting waterfowl even longer. Goey Hunting Calls are 100% made in the U.S.A., with the calls, tone boards and wedges machined in house, which gives the company the ability to capitalize on attributes that other call companies can’t through common methods of production. They even produce their own reeds with their own punches. By building a call from concept to completion in house, Goey Hunting Calls is able to stay on top of quality, ensuring that every call is produced to the highest standard. They offer three different acrylic duck calls, four Canada Goose calls and a Snow Goose call. For more information, visit http://www.goeycalls.com

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