Practice Compassion for Animal Rights Activists

Practice Compassion for Animal Rights Activists
By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011

Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

USA –-( The title of this article is certain to be controversial. But, I  think that consideration of controversial issues helps us to become more  informed and makes us engaged and active citizens.

After all, it is the  mission of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance to educate conservationists so that  they can be a catalyst for advancing environmental health through policy and  legislation.

Perhaps, this controversial topic may have the result of moving us  towards this end.

The philosophers tell us to  have compassion for negative people, although I admit it is often a test of my own temperament. But, as I find it unpleasant to be around negative people I am struck by the fact that it must be far more unpleasant for the negative person,  since they are forever bound to their own torment.

Negative people are troubled souls. They view themselves as victims of all types of imagined enemies, and those displaying the most bluster and belligerence usually represent the most fear-filled.  After all, isn’t anger a manifestation of fear and therefore evidence of one’s vulnerabilities?

I include animal rights activists as negative people because they are not content to live their lives at peace with their world view, but instead work as despots to control those with differing ideas and values. Special targets of their tyranny are people that fish and hunt. It is a negativity that has provoked animal rights activists to behave in unscrupulous ways and without a sense of personal boundaries.

For example, I recently read  a letter from an animal rights activist attempting to fool an unsuspecting public with a harebrained theory that scientific game management techniques (harvesting/hunting game) actually increases game  populations. Her theory, simply stated, is that if 50 deer are harvested from a population of 100, the deer will notice 50 deer are departed and will produce a biological phenomenon that will result in multiples of the number of fawns than  would have been born (e.g. 4 fawn births, instead of the 2 fawn births  considered normal).

In an attempt to give  gravity to her silly premise she invented an authoritative sounding title to place under her name: “Wildlife Policy Specialist.” Now, the woman has no college education in the fields of animal biology or wildlife management, nor  has she ever noted any official wildlife training. She even omitted from her letter that she is a representative of an animal rights organization.

Similarly, there is another  person representing an animal rights organization that promotes himself as an “Inspector.” 

Is there an official and legitimate profession which certifies animal rights inspectors? Does this profession have any official oversight? What does an animal rights Inspector inspect?

What is the depth of vulnerability that people feel that leads them to deceive others with imaginary importance and make believe titles, such as Wildlife Policy Specialist and Inspector?

In another attempt to fool the public, the same organization that the woman and man belong to went to great lengths to have a Ph.D promote a similarly outlandish game management theory. They advanced the Ph.D’s theory and referred to him as an expert, but omitted that his field of expertise is chemistry and not biology or game management. His research was never made legitimate by peer review (peer review is when a community of experts in a narrowly defined and relevant field perform an impartial review). It is similar to a podiatrist using his credentials as Ph.D to represent an expertise related to the workings of the heart.

Who would rely on a foot doctor for diseases related to the heart? How low is one’s self image that they would substitute their agenda for the truth?

In another example, the person heading the same animal rights organization was so desperate that she took reckless actions which are noted by the Anti-Defamation League (the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency) on its website under the heading “Extremism in America: Eco-terrorism?” The Anti-Defamation  League states that the woman and her organization speak on behalf of the actions of extreme and militant animal rights groups that the FBI considers serious terrorist threats.

It has also been reported that people in her organization acted as brokers to fund the freeing of six animal extremists from jail, each convicted of a campaign to terrorize the employees of a New Jersey based company and its shareholders. In fact, Governor Chris Christie, then US Attorney in charge of the case, stated “…The verdict reveals these individuals for what they really were: thugs who went far beyond protected speech and lawful protest to engage in and incite intimidation, harassment and violence.”

How negative is one’s self image that it would cause them to abandon critical thinking and aid convicted felons?

Perhaps the most poignant example of negativity exhibited by animal rights activists is found while observing everyday life: The angler, hunter, or conservationist rarely protest the animal rights activist for their values or preferences.

Conversely, the animal rights activist makes an industry of harassing and demonstrating against the angler, hunter, and conservationist. What depth of negativity causes people to overtly act with hostility and domination towards people with differing views?

A wise person wrote that if we want others to be happy we must practice compassion, and if we want to be happy we must practice compassion. If so, it makes good sense for us to practice compassion for animal rights activists.

More information about animal rights activism and eco-terrorism can be found at the following link:

Color The Green Movement Blue
Color The Green Movement Blue

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr, (also known as “Ant” to friends and associates) is Chairman and co-founder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, and New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects. Ant’s commitment to the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and environmental stewardship helped to create the New Jersey Angling & Hunting Conservation Caucus (NJA&HC). The NJA&HC is the first outdoor caucus of its kind in New Jersey and is designed to educate opinion leaders and policy makers about the principles of conservation; the foundation for healthy ecosystems, fish and wildlife.

Anthony P Mauro, Sr
Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

Ant is a public speaker on the topic of conservation and the ways  anglers and hunters can become involved in shaping outdoors releated legislative policy. He has authored three books on conservation, hunting and the great outdoors including the controversial and highly regarded, “Color The Green Movement Blue” (available as ebook). His other books include; “Take Me on Safari: A Family Affair” (available as ebook) and  “The New Age Hunter”. He also wrote the children’s book “Where is Wildbeary?”

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Rita Modzelewski


I'll be happy to practice the same compassion for AR activists that they practice for all the animals they have stolenfrom their rightful owners and killed.

Remember, the only good animal is a dead one according to them.

Terry Ward

Thank YOU Arthur for making me far more important than I thought…

mike chilinski

The misleading of the public by HSUS gives law enforcement the mistaken. Idea that they are interested in animal welfare and not terrorizing millions with their agenda of eliminating animals in society.

its time to enforce laws like the 2006 AETA against these domestic terrorists as that is clearly what they are.

I can't talk about my own case but its amazing to me how a ar org can become so active in in

vading our civil right without punishment.

C. J. Cyhanick

I wonder if anyone has really thought about what would happen if the ARs suceeded. Let concider the future if they did. A small list of what we loose. veterinarians, allthose who work for vets, animal feed and all of the people that work in that area, farmers,chemist, scientist, teachers, all of the products used with animals, flea control, wormers, vitamins,shampoos, medications by the hundreds,collars, acessories, little bows end neck hankies and coat care, combs, brushes etc, all of the products that need to be in order to produce the products we use with our animals . All of the… Read more »

maggie b

I totally agree. These folks are insane. I recognize their dysfunction in their desire to control at any cost. The problem is that I can't fix them. While I recognize their dysfunction and insanity, it has the possibility of doing real harm. They don't mind using Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to push their radical agenda. Part of that is their willingness to lie, steal, cheat, commit fraud as to them the end justifies the means. It is a religion and they are promoting it with religious fervor. They have to be fought as an enemy because they are an… Read more »

C. J. Cyhanick

Yes I to think they should be shown compassion and understanding. They should be rounded up and put away for the safety of animals, humans, and the world. They should recieve treatment for their mental problems. They should not be released until they fully understand the misery and damage they have done and are still doing. Yes I feel sorry for the awful mental handicapp they suffer. But I don't see why it should be allowed to continue. We lock up thieves,terrorist, embezzlers,pretenders, shyisters, quacks, and killers. So why are they still running around trying to promote an animal apocalypse?.… Read more »


Ant, thanks for the article and your work to expose the AR's and their agenda for what it is. There is a HUGe education effort that needs to happen if we are going to turn the tide on this very well orchestrated attack on our lives with our animals.

Just a kind note…Terry Ward is NOT your friend. She/He is a troll for HSUS and can be found slinging his/her venom in the comments section of any article that dares challenge HSUS.

Walt Hutchens

Compassion? For the hard core animal rightist? Don't think so. Not real soon. I've been in the fight to defend animal owners and users rights against those people for about ten years now. In that time I've seen clueless lawmakers routinely lied to, corruptible ones bought, public officials of all stripes and levels cowed or (again) bought, literally thousands of decent people fearful that their next litter of puppies or kittens, next bird, next rabbit, next hunt, next season on the farm or next research project could lead to disaster. Lawful and decent businesses by the dozens forced to close.… Read more »

Terry Ward

The author is certainly correct…

'Humane' has become a negative word.

We have the NRA and the conservatives and the AKC and everyone else who profits from IN-humanity to thank for this.

Personally, I am very positive about my humanity…for humans AND for animals.

And am proud to speak for everyone else who shares these values.