Rifle 101 AR-15/M-16 Training Event

Rifle 101 AR-15/M-16 Training Event

  • Time: January 28, 2012 all day
  • Location: Will County Sheriff’s Police Range, Joliet, IL – classroom
  • Organized By: Kim Heath
Women's Tactical Association
Women's Tactical Association

Joliet, IL – -(Ammoland.com)- Event Description: Introduction to the AR-15/M-16, first in a series of rifle classes.

This 4 hour class will focus on rifle nomenclature, how to disassemble and reassemble the rifle, how to clean it, inspect a pool gun for proper assembly and function prior to your start of shift, common function problems, lubrication, parts failures, and the why/how they work. Functional knowledge of your weapon system is vital to keep it up and running, and will allow the shooter to make better use of future training sessions.

This block of instruction is being offered separately from the other rifle classes, 102, 103, etc, to allow for more range/trigger training time for the shooters in those classes, and will minimize time spent on rifle malfunctions due to improper lubrication and assembly. The goal is for shooters to be comfortable with why their rifle works and be able to focus their future training energy and time on the new skills at hand.

Requirements for this class are an AR-15/M-16 rifle, clear safety glasses(no tint), notepad and pen. Class will be taught inside a heated classroom, there will be no live fire.

This class will last approximately 4 hours, depending on the needs of the attendees. I am off that day and have not set a specific time because I want to get your feedback and hold the class when it is convenient for the most people. Please post a comment to this event stating the time(s) that day that would be the best for you, if you plan to attend, majority wins.

Maximum class size is 18, price is $10. Payment via PayPal will be set up shortly.

See more details (you may have to register to sign in) and RSVP on Women’s Tactical Association: http://tiny.cc/gg9eo

Women’s Tactical Association: The primary mission of the WTA is to promote and encourage training and education among female Law Enforcement in an effort to enhance and refine skills in the areas of firearms, combat mindset, tactics and fitness. Visit: www.womenstactical.ning.com