Setpoint Ammunition Develops Custom Loads for Ruger Scout Rifle

Setpoint Ammunition Develops Custom Loads for Ruger Scout Rifle
Setpoint Ammunition offers custom ammo exactly matched for your rifle at factory ammo pricing.

Setpoint Ammunition
Setpoint Ammunition

OGDEN, Utah –-( Setpoint Ammunition, a custom precision ammunition provider, today announced the release of its new video, “Setpoint Ammo – Optimized Ammunition Load for Ruger Scout.”

The video shows how Setpoint Ammunition has changed the way ammunition is made through their automated ordering and production process. Every round of the custom ammo is tailored to an individual’s specific rifle by Setpoint Ammunition’s ballistic experts or built to one’s own recipe.

In this video, Setpoint tests loads targeted to optimize both long range and subsonic performance and accuracy for the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. To ensure their custom loaded ammunition would out- perform other factory ammo options, Setpoint tested their ammo in a wide range of shooting conditions. Tests included a 50 yard accuracy analysis, a 30 degrees F cold test, a rapid fire and extreme heat test, as well as 100 yard ladder testing to find the accuracy node of the loads developed specifically for the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle.

Many people don’t realize the impact ammunition has on accuracy and overall rifle performance. The video clearly demonstrates the difference between shooting Setpoint Ammunition from factory ammunition.

For watching the video, viewers are extended an offer of 25% off their next order of ammo from November 7, 2011 through November 27, 2011. This discount is good for a one time order of up to three boxes. Shipping is not included. Watch the video today and look for the unique promo code in the Video Info to redeem your prize!

About Setpoint Ammunition:
Setpoint Ammunition provides custom-tailored, high-precision rifle ammunition cartridge solutions for sporting and tactical shooting applications. Ammunition configuration and ordering can be completed at Sales packages are available for military, law enforcement and tactical security groups.

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Ken Larsen

I have a Ruger Scout rifle I plan on taking elk hunting this August. Can you make me some soft point loads or ballistic tips for it? I’d take 100 rounds. Thanks