Aimpoint Announces Partnership With Southern African Wildlife College


Chantilly, VA –-( Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, has announced that the company has established a sponsor relationship with the Southern African Wildlife College.

The College, based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, offers formal training programs for regional wildlife and conservation officers.

Since its inception, the College has trained more than 5,200 students from 26 countries throughout Africa.

Southern African Wildlife College
Southern African Wildlife College

While the training currently offered at the College focuses on management of protected areas and natural resources, both hunting and conservation organizations have identified the urgent need for proper training for the Professional Hunters (PH’s) who act as guides for visiting sportsmen. The support that Aimpoint is providing will help to facilitate the establishment of a newly created Professional Hunters (PH) training and certification course at the College. This new program will accept its first group of students in June, 2012.

“By offering training to PH’s, trackers and their support personnel, we will help to ensure a healthy future for the hunting industry in South Africa, and even more effective management of the region’s wildlife resources.” said Theresa Sowry Chief Executive Officer of the Southern African Wildlife College.

“A curriculum has been drafted, and the basic groundwork put in place to offer a two year Professional Hunter’s course. Students will attend eighteen months at the College and then move on to a six month apprenticeship with an established and approved hunting outfitter. In addition to field craft and safety, there will be a strong emphasis on ethics, sound wildlife management principles, as well as an understanding of the direct role that hunting plays in conservation.”

Wildlife management is a success story in South Africa. A healthy game ranch industry has resulted in a greater wildlife population and diversity than that was present at the turn of the 20th century. This success exists largely due to revenues generated by the hunting industry. As one of the premier hunting destinations of the world, Southern Africa has a large and very well established hunting industry which employs over 40,000 people and generates more than 3.8 billion Rand (US$ 470 million) in revenue annually. Professional Hunters represent the front lines in protection of the region’s wildlife, as the PH’s provide employment and support to residents in remote areas, and work closely with Wildlife Officers to fight poaching and protect endangered species.

For more information on Aimpoint or the Southern African Wildlife College, visit the following websites: and

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