Carson Introduces The C6 Series Of Screen And Lens Cleaners

Carson Optical
Carson Optical

Hauppauge, NY –-( Keeping your optical lenses clean and in top notch condition is always a challenge. Carson’s team of product designers have come up with an answer that’s clearly better!

Carson is proud to introduce a new series of patent-pending lens and screen cleaners branded C6.

All of the innovative cleaning tools feature a specially formulated C6 dry-cleaning compound that effectively, quickly, and safely cleans screens and lenses. The dry compound bonds with the oils left behind by your skin, then simply wipes away, leaving a sparkling clean surface. Seven models, with varying size and shape cleaning pads, clean everything from binoculars and scopes, to cameras, iPods and iPads. All are compact and ergonomically designed for comfortable use, plus there is no messy liquid to damage your electronic devices. Three of the models are available in convenient disposable multi packs. The ultra compact disposables are perfect for gear bags, backpacks and travel needs.

To end lens and screen grunge in your fine optics and electronic gadgets, try one of Carson’s new C6 cleaning tools today–they’re “Clearly Better”!

Carson Optical is known for product innovation, exceptional customer service and value. Carson is a leading supplier of consumer optics for all ages. Carson branded products include a wide range of Binoculars, Magnifiers, Microscopes, and related optical accessories. The people at Carson are marketing specialists, offering outstanding packaging and strong advertising and editorial support. Their line of products was created with the end user in mind.

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