Citizen Gun Group Endorses Ron Paul for President

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-( The Montana Shooting Sports Association announced today that it endorses Congressman Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President.

Citing continuing high poll numbers in spite of a media blackout, MSSA says that Ron Paul is the only candidate who offers a chance to save our Nation as a country of free people.

MSSA President Gary Marbut commented, “Paul receives more contributions from people in the military than all other candidates combined, probably because of his views on foreign policy. He is the only candidate with serious plans to significantly cut the profligate federal spending that is bankrupting our country.

Most other candidates only make noises about scaling back planned increases in federal spending. Ron Paul sees the Constitution as a guiding principle, not as an irrelevant relic or a pesky barrier to be circumvented. Finally, Ron Paul has been a consistent and actual supporter of the right to bear arms throughout his entire political career, with no waffling, no compromise and no apology.”

MSSA is the primary political advocate for gun owners in Montana. MSSA has gotten 58 pro-gun and pro-hunting bills through the Montana legislature in the past 25 years, litigates pro-gun issues, and provides expertise to Montana about firearm safety, firearm education, shooting ranges, and other topics.

The media has not done a good job of informing the public that Congressman Paul came within a few votes of winning the Iowa Republican caucus straw poll, far ahead of the third-place finisher, and actually won the California Republican caucus straw poll. Many other high points of the Paul campaign have been ignored by the media, often deliberately. For example, a recent straw poll among registered voters in Oklahoma yielded these results: Ron Paul – 46%; Herman Cain – 25%; Newt Gingrich – 17%; Mitt Romney – 6%; and Rick Perry – 3% (others less).

“Many people in America realize that Dr. Paul offers actual hope for America,” Marbut continued, “and not just a warmed over version of the status quo approved by the Washington political establishment. That may be what moves the national media to see Dr. Paul as a threat, resulting in a virtual news blackout about his successful campaign.”

“American voters are realizing,” Marbut concluded, “that the first question in the Republican primary is not which candidate can beat Obama, but which candidate is capable of essential departure from the status quo necessary to save the Nation. They have figured out that Dr. Paul is the only candidate who can do both.”

Ron Paul has an A+ rating with Gun Owners of America. About Ron Paul, GOA says, “Guts. That is the one word which describes Rep. Ron Paul of Texas best. Perhaps the most consistent vote in the Congress, he can be expected to oppose any unconstitutional expansion of government, no matter how politically difficult that vote might be. Paul has been a powerful advocate for the Second Amendment and has sponsored legislation to repeal most gun laws dating back to 1968 — as well as, legislation to get the U.S. out of the anti-gun United Nations.”

Information: Gary Marbut, 406-549-1252

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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  • 3 thoughts on “Citizen Gun Group Endorses Ron Paul for President

    1. Makes me proud to be a Montanan and a gun owner! Don’t believe the propaganda. Principles rooted in the Constitution ARE the American way! Don’t settle for just beating the other guy – your liberty is RIGHT THERE for the taking!

    2. Alright! We need so many more endorsements like this including one from the NRA to back the only guy who TRULY has the most accurate interpretation of the second amendment and the Constitution…

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