Crooked Horn RF Hook Up

Use Your Binos and Rangefinders Simultaneously.

Crooked Horn RF Hook Up
Crooked Horn RF Hook Up

COLUMBUS, Georgia –-( The Crooked Horn RF Hook Up allows you to use your binoculars and rangefinders simultaneously with limited movement and noise.

The Crooked Horn RF Hook Up, available in Realtree AP, comes with the original Bino System and the Sidekick Rangefinder Holster, which features a streamline design that is quick, quiet and convenient.

No more retractors, tethers or rangefinders flopping around. The Sidekick attaches and detaches to your Bino System in less than a minute, keeping your rangefinder handy to range distance undetected.

The Sidekick works for most compact hand-held rangefinders with a holster pocket size of 3”W x 1.5”D. Designed with Crooked Horn’s own patented quick-release buckle, the rangefinder easily connects to a 1.5” strap allowing it to slide up easily when in use, but with little movement in the field. With a small elastic sleeve covering the buckle it reduces any noise made from objects touching one another.

The RF Hook Up allows you to quickly and silently, glass, range and shoot…all in one streamline movement. If you already own the Crooked Horn Bino System, you can purchase the RF Sidekick separately and directly attach it to your existing system.