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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Many of you know the AmmoLand Shooting Sports News website experienced an attack by hackers this week in an effort to steal site traffic. This is never a pleasant experience, but like everything with technology one must keep updating and resolve to make the adjustments required to continue our mission of delivering positive gun news to our dedicated readers.

I want to thank all those visitors who expressed concern and offers for help, when their AmmoLand visit resulted in a message from their browser or Google reporting AmmoLand as a potential threat. We were notified of a problem, with in minutes of the attack, through our web monitoring tools and we immediately took action to remove the threat. The file in question was not available to a typical browser session and your risk of being the subject of a breech to your PC or Mac is highly unlikely.

Since our security monitoring systems identified the security problem on Ammoland we have completed a full security audit of our web serving environment, website code, scripts and databases. We are running the most current versions, patches and updates with our content management software, advertising software, directory software, website databases, operating systems and technologies. Ammoland.com also continuously runs security audits on our local computer environments to verify we are up to date and clean of any Trojans, viruses and malwares.

Ammoland takes security very serious. We value our readers safety and security above all else and we want to facilitate the best web experience for pro gun content. We are constantly pushing our limits to find new social media tools and technologies to deliver our content too you in every device and every format. Please know that we are active in the web security community to stay in the forefront of technology including security and safe browsing technologies.

On AmmoLand Shooting Sports News we talk a lot about personal self defense in the real world, so this event is an opportunity to give our readers some tips on virtual security or Online Concealed Carry for Your Computer.

Here are some steps that can help protect you and your machines:

  • Use anti virus software, [and more than one brand at the same time] and complete a full system scan regularly
  • Use a local firewall, software or hardware to secure your web connection while browsing
  • Use Windows Defender, and anti malware software like Malwarebytes, Spy Bot Search and Destroy or Adaware to keep you environment clean
  • Use strong passwords and strong user names for all your accounts
  • Patch you operating system and software technologies regularly with the most recent updates
  • Maintain the most current version of your browser and utilize a pop up blocker

Should you have a question or concern regarding the security issues that AmmoLand.com experienced please send email us and we will do our very best to provide you with the requested information.

We have worked diligently to eliminate any and all security issues. Ammoland has restored our indexing in Google and all warnings and attack reports have been completely resolved. Our third party security monitoring service has been enhanced to keep your favorite gun website the safe browsing environment our reader expect. Thanks you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.