Holder Answers Fast and Furious Charges By Calling Accusers Racists

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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- In an interview published over the weekend by the New York Times, Attorney General Eric Holder reminded us he will go to any length to conceal his culpability in Fast and Furious.

His latest ploy is to declare as “racist” everyone who’s hounding him about the illegal guns sales, the gun smuggling, and the death, cover-ups, and other examples of lawlessness connected with the operation.

In the Times piece, Holder intimated that President Obama is disliked because of his race, and that people are piling on the bandwagon against Holder as a means to get Obama.

Holder’s exact words: “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him…both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

And who are the people going after Holder and Obama because of their race? Those rascally “conservative commentators and bloggers” of course. They are those who are part of what Holder describes as a “more extreme segment” of news reporting. (I suppose it’s extreme because it’s not news that’s run through a White House sensor or an MSNBC producer before being disseminated to the public.)

Besides informing us that we’re racists for making a big deal out of hundreds of deaths among Mexican citizens, thousands of weapons sold illegally (and over 1,000 still on the street), as well as the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Holder also took a little time out to pat himself on the back during the Times interview.

Said Holder: “I think that what I’m doing is right” and “I think the stands I have taken are totally consistent with a person who is looking at things realistically, factually.”

By the way, last week 75 members of Congress voted that they had “No Confidence” in Holder’s ability to properly execute the duties of the office of A.G., and more than 60 have called for his resignation due to Fast and Furious.

But they’re probably all racists.

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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If I don't want the US government selling guns to Mexican cartels I guess maybe I am racist.

In fact if I don't want guns going to black gangs or Italian gangs or white gangs, I am racist.