Holder’s OIG ’Gunwalker’ Investigation Passes Historic Milestone Today

Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea
Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The investigation into Fast & Furious now exceeds time it took Warren Commission to produce report on JFK murder.

“I will certainly await the report that comes out of the inspector general and I will assure you and the American people that people will be held accountable for any mistakes that were made in connection with Fast and Furious,” Attorney General Eric Holder testified in a November 8 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

This leads to the questions of why it’s taking so long, and if the end result will be indicative of the self-serving stonewalling and foot-dragging the Department of Justice has exhibited throughout congressional investigations of “Project Gunwalker.”

As things stand, Holder has been able to play the OIG card every time a question he does not wish to answer comes up.

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