If You Got A Second Arizona Spring Hunt Tag, Don’t Use It

Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arizona Game and Fish Department

PHOENIX, AZ – -(Ammoland.com)- Did you get a second spring hunt-permit tag in the mail from the Arizona Game and Fish Department?

No, it wasn’t an early Christmas present. It was a simple error, so don’t make a serious mistake that could cost you.

“Since we had to print all 22,000-plus tags in house, we did encounter a few problems with the printers,” said Kathy Ford, the draw manager.

Ford explained that the bad tags were pulled and placed in a box for destruction.

“However with all the hard-working volunteers we had helping us stuff envelopes, those bad tags inadvertently got stuffed and mailed too,” she said.

Around 50 duplicate hunt tags for javelina and turkey were mailed.

This isn’t like playing Monopoly with a bank error in your favor – it would be illegal to use the second tag.

The legal annual bag and possession limit for turkey and javelina is one animal. If you harvest two animals (except as prescribed by R12-4-120), you could face serious consequences, including possible criminal fines, civil fines and even the loss the hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for up to five years.

Don’t let this error cost you in the end – destroy the second tag, don’t be tempted to use it.