JPFO’s Rabbi Bendory In The News & You Won’t Believe Where…

Violet Blue in San Francisco
Violet Blue in San Francisco poses in a still photo from the documentary "A Girl and A Gun." Cathryne Czubek via Bloomberg
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Washington, DC –-( In a remarkably fair handed presentation, journalist Ken Wells has written an intriguing exposé of the increasing upward trend of handgun ownership in America.

The article’s title is “Buddhist Packing Bond Pistol Shows American Embrace of Guns”. Lots of liberals will read this article, and hopefully think twice about their gun phobia.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is well represented in the article. Not only is JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, given fair “page time”, but JPFO Member Tammy Pinkston of Oklahoma wades in with a great contribution. There is also a side bar video about Tammy and her women’s self defense training program.

The Brady Buffoons get a chance to blather, but they don’t control the flow of this article by any means. It’s almost as if these pitiful, but dangerous, knee jerkers were included just to give the article “balance”.

But here’s the best part: This article was published in the highly respected online version of the Bloomberg Report. Yes … THAT Bloomberg.

This publication is owned by Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor, and rabid anti-gun billionaire!

Did Ken Wells’s article simply slip through the cracks? Or was he told to go out and dig into the actual truth about American gun ownership?

Read the article here – and if you feel so led, send a short email of thanks to Ken Wells for giving our side a fair shake in the debate. Please keep it respectful. This was valuable press for JPFO and American freedom.

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