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Issc MK22 RifleSand SightsUp
Issc MK22 RifleSand SightsUp
Legacy Sports
Legacy Sports International

Reno, NV – -(Ammoland.com)- It’s Official!!!

Legacy Sports International is excited to announce gaining EXCLUSIVE U.S.A. importation rights of the popular M22 pistol line and MK22 semi-auto rifles from ISSC! Effective immediately, ISSC will utilize LSI as their only import outlet for these pistols and rifles (excluding the Commando model) in the U.S.A..

Inventory is scheduled for delivery during January, 2012, filling the long void of the past few months. Repair parts are in-country now, and will be available through our warranty repair center, Sports World, in Tulsa, OK. LSI, through Sports World, will take care of all warranty work that has been unavailable for the past six months.

Legacy Sports International “intends to expand and improve upon the delivery and customer service of the ISSC lineup” and “we will actively promote these products beginning January 1, 2012”, according to Andy McCormick, VP Sales and Marketing for LSI.

The M22 pistol is a .22 LR line of semi-automatic, polymer framed handguns that closely resemble Glock semi-auto pistols in size, weight and shape. Yet, the M22 pistol’s action is based more closely to that of the Walther P22, both designed by the same man, Wolfram Kriegleder.

Packed with a number of features including five safeties, windage adjustable rear sight, white dot front sight and patented Ti-Clad finish, the M22 is the ideal range pistol for combat/defensive handgun practice. Chambered in economical .22 caliber, the M22 provides accurate rapid fire through a Lothar Walther barrel while affording economical shooting practice. Available in a number of colors and color combinations.

ISSC M22 Desert Tan Pistol
ISSC M22 Desert Tan Pistol

ISSC’s MK22 semi-auto rifle is a Modern Sporting Rifle based on the FN SCAR tactical rifle. The MK22 features an adjustable LOP stock in folding or fixed versions, a 16 inch barrel with flash suppressor or enclosed muzzle, upper, lower and side mount Picatinny rails, fully adjustable sights and adjustable comb. LSI will sell this model in black or sand colored stock. The rifles will be sold with 10 round magazines standard, and 22 round magazines will be available as an accessory item.

ISSC MK-22 Features

  • Aluminum Receiver
  • Full Quad Rail and Full Length Top Rail
  • Multiple Sling Attachment Points
  • Front Pic Rail on Barrel
  • Flash Suppressor
  • Foldable and Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
  • Multiple Charge Bar Locations on right and left side of receiver – 6 total
  • Magazine Disconnect
  • Ambidextrous Safety
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Lothar Walther Precision Barrel
  • Easy Load Mags with Round Indicator
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece
  • Adjustable Length of Pull 12.5” to 14”
  • Folding Stock Capability on Select Models
  • ISSC M-22 Features
  • Five Safties
    • – Hammer Drop-down
    • – Loaded Chamber Indicator
    • – External Key Lock
    • – Trigger Safety tab
    • – Magazine Disconnect
  • Durable Polymer Finish
  • 4 lb. Trigger Pull
  • Lower, Weaver-style Accessory Rail
  • Lothar Walther Match Grade 4 Inch Barrel (5.5 Inch on Target Model)
  • White Dot Front Sight
  • Windage Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Comes with Two (2) 10 Round Magazines
ISSC MK22 Rifle in Black Fixed Stock Sights Up
ISSC MK22 Rifle in Black Fixed Stock Sights Up

Legacy Sports International, LLC is an importer of firearms and shooting accessories. Bringing in high quality, reliable and affordable products for shooting and hunting enthusiasts is the mission of Legacy Sports’ business. With well-respected brands including Howa and Puma rifles, Nikko Stirling optics, Escort shotguns, and Citadel handguns and shotguns. This is why Legacy Sports is known as “The Most Trusted Name in the Shooting Industry.” For more information contact: www.legacysports.com

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David HArding

I purchase a mk22 two yrs ago and just started shooting it but it is misfiring 5 to 7 rounds a mag of 22. I want to send it in to get fixed, can u give me a addres?

Bruce Haws

Looking for the butt stock for a issc mk22


where i can buy a firing pin for my issc m22 mine was broken

Robert E Braddock

My problem with the M22 seems to be all the above,. Every problems everyone else has, I have. As for parts i can not find any. It seems ISSC is good at selling pistols and not to be found after you buy it. Kind of like a used car sales man, Best of luck everyone.


Have a ISSC M22 pistol. When working it’s great, but has fail to fire problem.
Doesn’t usually run a clip with out a mis-fire or two. Assume a weak
strike from the firing pin. Appears to be somewhat common.
What is the remedy for this? Replace firing pin -or spring?
Where can these be obtained? Thanks

Harry Elston

I need a charging handle for the ISSC MK22>
Please respond
Thank You

Ethan Harrold

Hi I just recently purchased an mk22 I am having light strike issues and also the butt stock won’t snap and stay in one position

Janet Hamm

how and where can I get a firing pin for a ISSC M22 Pistol?

tommy grat

Who do i comtact for repair or spare parts for an mk22 long rifle?


Hello, I had a mishap where my mk22 was dropped onto the stock. The stock broke at the button release that allows you to fold the stock to the side. The hinge plate/spring brace seems fine(but can replace or purchase if needed). Is it possible i could order a new stock from you for this firearm?

Dennis Lunsford

I recently purchased a ISSC MSR MK22 and already have a problem with the release for the folding stock breaking. This seems to be a common problem. I need info on how to get the part replaced. It appears that I will have to replace the complete stock. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

b guentertill

have an issc 22 hand gun problem is it jams all the time we live in colton ca it seem like a easy fix is there a gun smith close buy us in colton that can fis the problem the gun ia about a year old thanks bill guentert

Ray Facenda

Have mk22 rifle with broken folding rear stock, looking for parts to repair, or new fixed stock.


Need stock parts.

Howard J Squires

About one month ago I puchased an ICCS M22 target model pistol from Bud’s Guns. I have fired about 300 rounds of CCI 40gr MiniMag ammo through it. The pistol has now failed to operate properly.(a) fail to fire at least once every magazine. Second try usually works. (b) Manual slide release does not release the slide. (c) slide locks back on every shot. Please advise how I should proceed


I also would like to buy another magazine or two for my m22

john braaksma

i need rear sight assembly and set screw for m22 muddygirl

Robert De Forge

We are a firearms dealer/ manufacturer in California and need warranty repair on a new M22 for a customer. Where do we send the firearm or who do we contact?


Harvey Pena

I was wondering how I can get my stock to stay shut it does not snap shut where the latch is at also I was supposed to get a folding stock and was sent a fixed stock how can I get this fixed you can email me or call me at 9517419755


I need the repair kit for the original no 22 rifle. I have had stove pipes and light strikes

Gary comley

Need mags and parts for my m22. Please help


ati American tactical imports they are supposed to be handling the issc products now how soon they will get the supplies and parts for the m22 is questionable they told me 30 days and that was 2 months ago as of 4/2/15

Matt Bond

I need mags for our pistols. where can I find extras..


I just ordered some from impactguns.com

Don Jennings

Also have a warranty issue and needing repair on my M22!

Phonzy Davis

I need a firing pin for my ISSC M22 where do I get one??


where can I send my m22 pistol for repair no info in manuel I live in bend Oregon

Camran Goode

I need parts for my issc mk22 this is the scound one I’ve had with this problem with last one light hamer strike with both and I’ve found out that part 83 missing and I need part numbers 83,93,100 if you can help contact me thanks need these parts ASAP 1/4/2013



Victor Hinze

How about the easily broken stock? Is your service center putting the same weak part right back on?

How come they want me to send the rifle back, why not just send me the part like the Ware, MA facility used to do? How come no body gets an answer? Sound like the SOS from ISSC-USA.

Craven moorehead

I want some mags too

George Hayward

Why don't you answer the comments ? ? ?

George Hayward

Can you suppy me with four M22 mags for the ISSC M22

George Hayward

First time I have seen this website. Surprised to, see my name there. And yes I did receive my magazines and I would like to thank you . A great pistol


Hello… I just purchased the long model of your ISSC Handgun…I
have spent hours trying to find anyone with a 10 rd mag that I can
purchase…can you provide me an address to contact to get the
new 10 rd mag? thanks….

Dennis Clark

I had an opportunity to talk with Abel regarding your cooperative efforts with ISSC. Very pleased to see that you are actually making progress. I purchased the MK22 for myself for Christmas and got the model with the fixed stock. I need the folding stock and at least one additional 22 round magazine. How soon will I be able to order them? Also when will you be able to provide a price list for any accessories that you will carry.