Protect Your Firearms In The Field & In Storage

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil
Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Porter, TX – -( Gun owners from hunters to marksmen and collectors want to protect their investments from the elements that can cause rust and corrosion.

While hunters and other recreational gun owners are aware of the damage that the elements can do to their firearms, those that are stored in the off season or as collectibles are just as susceptible to damage if not protected by the proper lubricant.

A common misconception about gun care is that mineral oil will protect your firearm in storage. Straight mineral oil is simply base oil with no additives. An oil film of this type will eventually evaporate, and with that breach in protection, the gun mechanism will become dry and rust will result. Gun owners also need to keep in mind when cleaning a gun or preparing it for storage, that solvents are meant to strip and not to lubricate. It’s important that gun owners use a lubricant specifically formulated to lubricate firearms.

High performance synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple offers gun oil that is specifically formulated to protect firearms from rust, corrosion and oxidation. The product actually leaves along-lasting film that protects metal parts from water and air. The protective film is as effective in harsh environments as it is when firearms are in storage.

Royal Purple has developed a unique, proprietary additive technology called Synerlec. The addition of the Synerlec to the base oil gives Royal Purple Gun Oil the unique ability to protect firearms from the metal-to-metal contact under heavy load. This reduces fouling and improves performance.

Royal Purple Gun Oil’s synthetic solvency lightly cleans firearms so owners can use one product as opposed to buying a cleaner and a separate lubricant. It works in varying temperatures and will not thicken in cold weather.

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