Shavano Park Suburb of San Antonio TX Anti-Gun Ordinance

Texan’s Action Urged! Support Mayor David Marne!

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( This Monday, December 19th, the city of Shavano Park, near San Antonio, will reconsider the passage of an ordinance dealing with the discharge of a firearm within the city.

Mayor David Marne refused to sign the ordinance, sending it back to the 5 member city council.

In a letter to the Shavano Park City Council, Mayor Marne lists the ordinance as unnecessary and over-reaching. Mayor Marne also notes that state law, currently in place, adequately covers public safety concerns. This far-reaching ordinance could be read to prohibit the legal use of a firearm for self defense.

The ban includes bb-guns and other such non-weapon toys even with adult supervision; non-firearms often used in safety training for youth.

The passage of Ordinance No. 200-01-11 was not incident driven and adds nothing to public safety.

Bad Gun Laws Begin At the Local Level!
Support the citizens of Shavano Park and let your voice be heard! Stop Shavano Park City Ordinance No. 200-01-11

Please call 210-493-3478 and support Mayor David Marne and stop the implementation of Ciity Ordinance No. 200-01-11

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Keep the faith,
Alice Tripp
Legislative Director
Texas State Rifle Association