TACAMO MK74 Paintball Gun

TACAMO MK74 Paintball Gun
TACAMO MK74 Paintball Gun
Real Action Paintball

San Jose, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- Tacamo is eager to announce an exciting new woodsball marker that is already available in a wide array of custom platforms: the Tacamo MKV Marker!

Built around the proven inline, open-bolt blowback system used in Tippmann, BT, US Army, and other markers, the Tacamo MKV was then engineered to offer standard features that eliminate the competition.

Each Tacamo MKV marker features a full-length RIS rail milled into the top of the receiver, and comes with HK-inspired open sights that attach to that rail to get you on target immediately. The standard barrel is ported along its length and at the muzzle to quiet the report and greatly increase accuracy, making it an outstanding stock barrel! Each Tacamo MKV comes with a bottomline kit that mounts to the bottom of the grip frame, below the comfortable rubber over-molded grip, to position your air tank right where it balances the loaded marker!

Best of all, the Tacamo MKV markers come with two factory-setup feeding options: standard hopper feed, and magazine feed! Discover the excitement of magazine-fed paintball, with its extreme realism and enhanced playing experience, when you choose a mag-fed version of the six available MKV markers. Want the high paint capacity of a regular hopper? Just order the hopper fed version of the MKV marker that best meets your needs.

The basic Tacamo MKV marker gets you into the game with a proven propulsion system, RIS rails, bottomline, and that fantastic stock barrel. It provides a fantastic platform to build a custom woodsball marker…and lets you run fast and light just by itself.

The Tacamo MKV First Recon configuration gets you on your way towards a truly custom marker by adding a multi-position collapsible M4-style stock; the MKV Tactical adds an RIS handguard to that enhanced configuration, giving you a collapsible stock and 4 RIS rails to which you can attach a host of accessories.

The MKV SMG preserves the essence of a submachine gun with a collapsible RAS stock, while the MKV SWAT adds an RIS handguard, too!

The Tacamo MKV Light Machine Gun Marker takes the MKV Tactical Magazine Fed Marker to a whole new level by coming standard with the industry-leading RAP4 Box Magazine! Designed to hold more paint than a hopper, while shaped like the linked ammunition box on an M249 SAW, the RAP4 Box Magazine uses the Nautilus Drive to keep a constant flow of paint force-fed into your MKV Light Machine Gun Marker!

Whatever configuration you require, start with a Tacamo MKV, and you’ll start with the best!

Tacamo – Rule the Field!

RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment. visit www.rap4lesslethal.com

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