Vague NJ Animal Abuse Bill A1083/S1182 Putting Everyday Pet Owners at Risk

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National Animal Interest Alliance

Trenton, NJ –-( A bill with vague language, unenforceable, and burdensome.

New Jersey bill A1083/S1182 has passed the Assembly and now moves to the full Senate for a vote. The next Senate quorum is scheduled for December 8. Immediate communication to your State Senator is critical to stop this overly vague, burdensome bill from becoming law. See bill here.

The New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee statement is here.

This bill would make it easier to convict someone of animal cruelty than it would to convict them of cruelty to a child.

The language of the bill is vague in defining “minimum care.” Too much is left to the eye of the beholder, who may have little or no knowledge about animal husbandry which is appropriate to the individual situation.

This bill would be complaint driven, which allows for innocent individuals to be targeted by nasty neighbors [or animal rights groups] and who would then have to defend themselves against cruelty accusations.

Compare the language in the bill with existing law regarding children.

9:6-1. Cruelty to a child shall consist in any of the following acts: (a) inflicting unnecessarily severe corporal punishment upon a child; (b) inflicting upon a child unnecessary suffering or pain, either mental or physical; (c) habitually tormenting, vexing or afflicting a child; (d) any willful act of ommission or commision whereby unnecessary pain and suffering, whether mental or physical, is caused or permitted to be inflicted on a child; (e) or exposing a child to unnecessary hardship, fatigue or mental or physical strains that may tend to injure the healthy or physical or moral well-being of such child.

Neglect of a child shall consist in any of the following acts, by anyone having the custody or control of the child: (a) willfully failing to provide proper and sufficient food, clothing, maintenance, regular school education as required by law, medical attendance or surgical treatment, and a clean and proper home, or (b) failure to do or permit to be done any act necessary for the child’s physical or moral well-being.

Please send a message to your State Senator about A1083/ S1182.

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