What Rep. David Guice Did to Gun Owner’s Right To Carry in NC

What Rep. David Guice Did to Gun Owner’s Right To Carry in NC

Grass Roots North Carolina for Firearms Education
Grass Roots North Carolina for Firearms Education

North Carolina –-(Ammoland.com)- North Carolina Gun Rights Supporters: A GRNC member just contacted me, so frustrated by what cities are doing that he worried whether House Bill 650 is “useless.”

GRNC’s most recent victory on behalf of gun owners is far from worthless, but one part of it — concealed carry in parks — is definitely being subverted by city governments willing to break the law.

That’s right: When your city council makes an ideological decision to “comply” with the new law which relaxes restrictions on concealed carry in parks by banning guns in whole parks, lakes, hiking trails, greenways and even dog parks … they are violating the law!

And who is responsible for the problems for gun bans in parks?

Representative David Guice (R-Henderson, Polk, Transylvania), and a cabal of RINOs (as in “Republicans in Name Only”)who voted for Guice’s weakening amendment to parks carry, including House Majority Leader “Skip” Stam (R-Wake), Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson), among others.*

The Guice Subterfuge
What does Guice’s subterfuge do? Although cities may no longer ban guns in parks, thanks to Guice, they may still do so in “recreational facilities” defined as “a playground, an athletic field, a swimming pool, and an athletic facility.”

So now we are seeing anti-gun ideologues trying to ban guns on hiking trails and in whole parks as “athletic facilities,” dog parks as “playgrounds” and – get this one – an entire lake as a “swimming pool.”

What GRNC is Doing
Understand that GRNC will not allow this outrage to stand:

  • First, we are fighting local bans with the support of local activists. Valiant activists in Hickory were able to defeat the ban early this week.
  • Second, we are compiling both local ordinances which violate the law, and plaintiffs willing to sue the most egregious offenders.
  • Third, we are gearing up to make an example of the Guice/Stam/McGrady cabal that works to undermine your rights among Republicans who control the legislature. Use the links above to call and e-mail these Republican traitors to let them know that you know what they did and that it will be remembered.

What’s next? Restaurant carry!
Meanwhile, based on membership feedback, GRNC continues to move to its next objective: Restaurant carry. Passed in Virginia, Tennessee and most recently in Ohio, 37 states now allow permit-holders to protect themselves and their families in restaurants.

But Senate Republicans who control the chamber seem to think restaurant carry “polls” badly. So like all the politicians who preceded them, they are denying House Bill 111 the committee hearing which will keep it alive.

Beyond the online petition, you must immediately contact Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and tell him it’s high time that the Senate remembers who “brung ’em to the dance.” Tell him to: Give House Bill 111 a committee hearing and send it to the Senate floor!

Armatissimi e liberissimi,
F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Grass Roots North Carolina/Forum for Firearms Education is a non-profit, all volunteer organization devoted to educating the public about trends which abridge the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and engaging in grass roots activism to preserve those freedoms. Formed in 1994 to conduct a highly successful rally for the Second Amendment, GRNC has gone on to conduct projects like “Remember in November: A Gun Owner’s Guide to Voting,” bringing concealed carry to North Carolina. Visit:www.grnc.org