Arizona Committee Members Need To Hear From You On Pro Rights Bills

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Committee members need to hear from you.

Catalina, AZ –-( Your help is needed to get these pro-rights bills heard in committee. Letters have been prepared and are waiting to be sent by you at AzCDL’s Action Center.

Last week, two bills protecting your right to bear arms were scheduled for committee hearings but were “held” without being heard. It’s time to shine some light on those committees and let them know these bills need to heard and voted on favorably.

HB 2095 was scheduled for a hearing in the House Government Committee on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, but was pulled from the list of bills scheduled for debate and vote. This AzCDL-requested legislation would limit the restrictions that a Home Owner Association (HOA) can place on firearms.

In modern day Arizona, it is difficult to not live in a planned community controlled by an HOA. In the Phoenix area, there are HOA communities bigger than some towns. Unfortunately, the laudable idea of establishing residential standards to optimize property values has a dark side. Social engineering has crept into HOA governing documents. In the not too distant past, racial purity was required in home sales. Still imbedded in many governing documents are requirements that residents must be unarmed as a condition of living in the community.

HB 2095 was drafted to allow the residents of HOA governed communities the same constitutionally protected right to bear arms they enjoy once they leave the boundaries of their neighborhood.

SB 1077 was scheduled for a hearing in the Senate National Resources and Transportation Committee on Monday, January 23, 2012, but was pulled from the list of bills scheduled for debate and vote. This bill would specifically exempt from the state lands trespass statute the “lawful possession or discharge of a firearm while hunting, while target shooting, in self-defense or in defense of another.”

Somewhere over Arizona’s history as a state, the concept that the people of Arizona have a vested interest in state land got lost. Laws created to regulate mining and grazing have morphed into regulations controlling one’s mere presence on state land. It is now a misdemeanor to be on state land without government permission. SB 1077 specifically excludes the lawful possession and use of a firearm on state land. If you hunt or like to shoot on state “owned” land be sure to mention that in the “Editable Text” of your letter to the Senate National Resources and

Transportation Committee:

If you believe that your right to bear arms does not have exception clauses for where you live or happen to travel in Arizona, then it is imperative that you get involved and let these committee members know how you want them to vote on these bills. This is not a time to let the “other guy” do the work. Like the quote at the beginning of this Alert says, if we don’t take any action, we lose.

Participation is simple and takes less than a minute.

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