Can Administration Rely On Guatemalan STD Defense Against ‘Gunwalker’ Claims?

Fast & Furious Weapons
Fast & Furious Weapons: Guns seized in 2011 trafficked from Texas to Mexico.

USA –-( “Guatemalan prostitutes, prisoners and mental patients who were intentionally exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, without their knowledge or consent, by U.S. researchers in the 1940s, cannot sue the United States argued the Obama Administration on Monday, no matter how shameful and unethical the studies were,” Fox News reports.

That’s even more monstrous than the infamous Tuskegee experiment, where men who had contracted syphilis on their own were not informed they had it. One can only wonder at the demented government mentality that could even conceive of such evil, let alone carry it out.

People are appropriately charged with attempted murder for such perverse acts. What degenerates thought up such a plan, and what ends could possibly justify the twisted means?

And what degenerates approved it?

It’s all too reminiscent of tactics used in the administration’s Fast and Furious “gunwalking” disaster, where Mexican citizens were exposed to government transmitted weapons (GTWs) without their knowledge or consent.

And as with “Project Gunwalker,” the Obama administration’s Department of Justice is quick to utter meaningless words of regret while absolving the government of any accountability:

The government says the Federal Tort Claims Act protects the United States from lawsuits based on injuries suffered in a foreign country, even if the acts that caused the harm were planned in the United States.

That sounds like the perfect “legal” defense for any claim made by Mexican victims of Fast and Furious.

Another similarity between the two acts of undeclared war—and that’s what they both were—the prostitutes, criminals and mental cases on “our” side were more diseased than the ones on theirs.

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