Help Defeat the Iowa Ban on Traditional Ammunition for Dove Season

Ban on Ammo is a Ban on Hunting
Help Defeat the Iowa Ban on Traditional Ammunition for Dove Season

Iowa –-( Iowa Firearms Coalition, and your friends at NRA, have been working hard at the Capitol this session already!

As you may have read in Iowa media outlets we are working diligently to overturn the ban on traditional ammunition that was slipped in as an amendment last session by the Natural Resources Commission.

We are working hard on defending your rights and you can help us out by taking action here!

The Commission has taken a page straight out of the anti-hunting extremist groups’ playbook to deter hunting through traditional ammunition bans.

Anti-conservation fanatics failed at the federal level after the EPA rejected their lead-ban petition and have now placed their focus on Iowa knowing that doves are the most popular and abundant game bird hunted in America. This traditional ammunition ban is designed to price hunters out of the market and keep them from taking part in traversing Iowa’s fields and forests after the historic dove hunting legislation passed this year.

The Commission did not cite any relevant scientific studies showing negative effects of traditional ammunition when proposing this amendment last session, and has simply jumped in the political bed with anti-hunting extremists.

Just look at what Iowa’s DNR Director, Roger Lande, had to say about the ban in the Commission’s press release: “There will be a number of hunters who will be opposed to this decision, but at the end of the day, this action by the commission will help protect Iowa’s environment and wildlife from the adverse affects of lead.”

Dove populations are doing better than ever all while the vast majority of states allow traditional ammunition for dove hunting.

This amendment is the same position the Commission took earlier this year when it attempted to ban the use of lead shot on numerous state and federal wildlife areas across Iowa and said that they would “begin limiting the use of lead for all hunting and fishing on all public areas.” The Commission is blatantly subverting the will of the legislature, where the state House debated the lead issue and overwhelmingly rejected it.

Also, the Iowa DNR has a section on its website titled “Get the Lead Out” which has language eerily similar to the Center for Biological Diversity (“Get the Lead Out”) campaign – and yes, this is a propaganda piece written by the group that petitioned the EPA to ban all lead and traditional ammunition in America!

The Commission’s first attempt at a traditional ammunition ban last session was defeated with Governor Terry Branstad’s help, but this amendment has made their intentions clear. They intend to keep trying until they can get something to stick and once they do they will take this ban across the board.

Please help us take action on this by clicking here. By taking time to make your voice heard we can once again overcome yet another attack on your rights here in Iowa!

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Defending your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,

Jeff Burkett
Iowa Firearms Coalition

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