LaserLyte Celebrates 25 Years as a Leader in Micro-Laser Technologies

LaserLyte Founder, Larry Moore
LaserLyte Founder, Larry Moore, led the way 25 years ago for lasers in the shooting sports industry. The next generation, with Aaron Moore, continues to revolutionize the way customers use lasers for advancing shooting skills and personal protection.

COTTONWOOD, AZ –-( LaserLyte, the industry leader with the smallest lasers for gun sights, laser bore sights and laser training is celebrating 25 years of laser innovation.

Larry Moore started in the firearms/hunting industry over thirty years ago in Arizona. With a passion for the shooting sports and hunting, he started a book publishing business that specialized in survival skills and weapons. Moore also started publishing magazines; several o f which are still selling well on the newsstands and by subscription, such as S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics), Turbo and Arizona Hunter and Angler.

Moore, always the intrepid entrepreneur, founded a gun accessory company in 1987 that later became Tac Star Industries, Inc. Under the Tac Star banner, Moore sold gun accessories and designed and produced new products, including the first “laser bore sighter” on the market. In less than ten years with Tac Star continuing to grow, Moore merged with Lyte Optronics and LaserLyte was born.Larry Moore, Founder of LaserLyte

Moore sold LaserLyte and bought it back just a few years later in 2001 for the sole purpose of developing state-of-the-art laser and shooting products. Just a year later, his son, Aaron Moore joined the business as Vice President and Director of Operations. With the junior Moore’s education and experience in business, engineering and international relations now used to drive the business, the senior Moore focused 100% of his attention on designing new cutting-edge laser products for the shooting industry.

From the initial product line-up of laser bore sights, LaserLyte then tackled designing, engineering and producing some of the industry’s first solid-state lasers for firearms and continued to revolutionize the market with the smallest, high performance lasers for rear sights, rail mounts and side mounts for revolvers, semi-auto pistols and rifles. Besides lasers for firearms and laser bore sight s, LaserLyte entered the training realm with the personal Laser Trainer Target system, a very affordable, portable, interactive laser training target. LaserLyte also produced caliber specific cartridge laser trainers that allow the student to use the firearm in realistic shooting drills with or without the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target system.

In keeping with the forward thinking and visionary marketing of Aaron Moore, LaserLyte developed, with Ka-Bar, a very unique pistol bayonet that attaches to any handgun rail. Whether used for personal defense or just for looks, the popularity of the LaserLyte pistol bayonets continues to grow, as does the line-up, which now includes a variety of pistol bayonets.

LaserLyte has started off their 25th year with a new, larger facility to compensate for their tremendous growth, now and for the future. Both Larry Moore and Aaron Moore already have many new laser concepts on the drawing board and in prototype for release in the next few years. What started out 25 years ago as an entrepreneur’s dream is now a successful shooting industry family business.

About LaserLyte:

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