Lawmaker Thief A Perfect Representative For Gun-Grabbing Rights Thieves

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USA –-( “California Lawmaker Pleads No Contest in Shoplift Case,” The Associated Press reports at Fox News.

“Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Castro Valley, entered the plea in San Francisco Superior Court after the judge reduced a theft charge against her from a felony to a misdemeanor at a prosecutor’s request.”

After she tried to lift $2,500 worth of clothes? How many of us mere mortals think we could get away with felony grand theft and have the prosecutor go to bat for us, and then walk away from it with no jail time, our jobs intact and a fine of less than the state sales tax on the items we lifted?

Oh, but there were mitigating circumstance, we are told: She has “a benign brain tumor.” But she’s getting treatment, her attorney assures us. And she’s all better now, back to the sound judgment we’ve come to expect from a California collectivist with the backing of a regressive electorate.

Except not so fast…

“Medical experts said…that it is very rare, however, for a brain tumor that does not require surgery to influence behavior so significantly,” McClatchy Newspapers follows up.

“[A] University of California, Davis neurology professor says Hayashi’s tumor would have required surgery and could not have been treated with medication, as she claims,” ABC7 adds.

Besides, she was at least savvy enough to make sure she stole expensive fashion items from Nieman-Marcus, as opposed to, say, sweats from Walmart.  Still, based on such aberrant behavior, I have no problem imagining Hayashi stealing a steak à la Divine in “Pink Flamingos” (and you’ll just have to look that one up for yourself.)

We also learn—and this is almost funny—she’s returning to her post as Chair of the Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee! (Good grief, she’s also “a commissioner on the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Committee”!! And she’s married to a judge!!!  It’s like somebody hired gag writers for this story.)

So naturally, this sick-in-the-head criminal (and a California Sheriff’s Association’s “Outstanding Legislator” award recipient) is against the right of peaceable people to keep and bear arms: She’s against concealed carry. She’s against open carry.  She’s for expanded registration.

She doesn’t trust us!

It’s hardly any wonder that one of the collectivist elites—one accustomed to appropriating the property and rights of others by decree—would take it as her due that those are hers to do with personally as she will.

One would think an immigrant from South Korea would appreciate the difference between Marxist tyrannies and the Republic that rescued her homeland at the cost of almost 130,000 American dead and wounded, then took her family in and afforded her opportunities unheard of in her native land—and that she would be grateful for and embrace the way of freedom, rather than try to import an alien system of iron-fisted autocratic control.

Think again.

Ah well, fellow California subversive and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez says all is well:

She has owned up to her actions and taken responsibility for them. I am confident that with the close of these proceedings, she will continue to ably serve her constituents with the same talent and passion she has displayed throughout her time in office.

Sure she has. These creatures are such accomplished liars.

But it does appear her constituents in the safe Democrat district are buying it, with no shortage of self-deluded, excuse-offering fools willing to excuse and reward psychopaths with continued power. Which guarantees real malignancies will continue to metastasize, and terminal danger to the host be damned.

It’s past time we diagnosed diseased lumps like Hayashi for what they are and excised all such tumors from the body politic.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance.

David Codrea

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9 years ago

Hold on for a moment. In the world of Politicians her misconduct in this matter does not even move the needle or register on the Corruption Richter scale. Quite frankly it is more reasonable to believe her council's contention that a benign tumor is affecting her behavior.. I have seen similar behavior in Brain Damaged GI's and family members. So let's get off her case.. Accept the argument.. Just as it is reasonable and compassionate to accept her councils contention that she is suffering from bouts of poor judgement due to illness, the effects of benign tumor.. It is also… Read more »