715T Flat Top Versions Join Mossberg International Tactical .22 Rifle Line-Up

Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top Rifle Red Dot Combo
Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top Rifle Red Dot Combo

North Haven, CT –-(Ammoland.com)- In 2010, Mossberg International introduced a series of tactical .22LR rifles with the look and feel of AR-style rifles, based on the proven 702 Plinkster® autoloader platform.

With the phenomenal success of the carry handle offerings of the 715T Tactical rimfire rifle, Mossberg International is pleased to introduce a versatile 715T Tactical Flat Top .22LR version.

Available are fixed stock and six-position adjustable stock versions in non-reflective black matte and Mossy Oak® Brush® camo finishes and convenient Red Dot Combo package. Each version is available with an optional 10-round or 25-round capacity magazine.

These lightweight and fast-handling autoloading rifles feature a flat top receiver design with full-length, Picatinny top rail; compact 16 ¼-inch free-floating barrels with matte blue finish; and choice of synthetic fixed stock (13 inch LOP) or six-position adjustable stock (10 ½ to 14 ¼-inches LOP) for ease of customizing fit to the individual shooter. Rugged synthetic stocks and forends are available in matte black or Brush camo finishes. Picatinny quad-rail forend design allows the operator to easily equip rifle with optics or other accessories. Additional features include removable front and rear adjustable rifle sights (front sight is adjustable for elevation and rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation); removable A-2 style muzzle brake; ergonomic pistol grip; sling swivel studs; and option of 10-round or 25-round detachable magazines. The 25-round version comes with handy magazine loading tool.

A convenient, field-ready combo version of the black synthetic 715T Flat Top comes equipped with a 30mm Red Dot sight.

Whether you are looking for a versatile rimfire rifle for plinking at the range, hunting or for a cost-effective training tool, the Mossberg International line of 715T Tactical rifles has one to fit your needs. Please visit our web site at www.mossberg.com for complete specifications on these tactical .22LR rifles and other value-packed bolt-action and autoloading rimfires.

Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top Camo Rifle
Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top Camo Rifle

Models Include:

  • Mossberg International 715T Tactical Flat Top:
  • Mossberg International 715T Tactical Flat Top Red Dot Combo:
  • Mossberg International 715T Tactical Flat Top Camo:

Mossy Oak® and Brush® are registered trademarks of Haas Outdoors, Inc.

About Mossberg International:

Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Mossberg Corporation and offers a lineup of semi-automatic and bolt action rimfire rifles, as well as over-under, side-by-side and semi-auto shotguns. To learn more about Mossberg Corporation family of companies, including Mossberg International, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, and Maverick Arms, please visit www.mossberg.com.

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Will cutting the barrel a couple inches shorter mess up the gun shooting ?? 22lr 715t Mossberg

Spencer McDaniel

I’vE got a question I have a 702 plinkster is there any way I can order a 715t flat top stock, only the stock and put my 702 in it? Can’t seem to find them anywhere online.

Glen Pound

I just bought a 715 t and cleaned it and oiled it when I got it home, took it to the range yesterday and it jammed. I cleared it and shot again and it jammed, did this like 5 times and I said fuck it, put it up and just shot my 5.56 AR. When I got home I called Gander Mountain to see if I could sell it back to them as a used gun and take a loss and buy another brand of rifle. The manager said he had one of them and he said the 25 round… Read more »


I sometimes wonder about the people that write in and whine about issues, you never know who to believe. I bought this gun because it was cheap $229 for flat top with 25 round mag have bought a 2nd mag since for $21.00. I too found it a little rough to initially load the mags,but after a couple times easy to load all 25 rounds. Right out of the box did not clean, oil, or touch this gun other then shoving a 25 round mag in it and proceeded to drill whatever I aimed it with fantastic accuracy. I did… Read more »


AVOID THIS GUN! This gun is garbage right out of the box. Bolt jams every shoot!!! I cleaned and oiled it was the manual says before going to the range. I will never buy a mossberg as long as I live. I called mossberg and they have no idea why it would jam which is funny because 9 out of 10 reviews says it’s a jammer. They need to do a recall before people get there face blown off.

Bill Baker

I own one and have no problem with it. It’s a mossberg 702 in a different plastic body. Anyone bitching about the charging handle makes me wonder if they actually own one. The charging handle is fake and plastic, you rack the bolt carrier on the side like you would most small 22s. It’s not a chiappa fake AR wannabe. It’s just plastic.

Mossberg 702 Tactical Rifle

Justin dejaynes

P.O.S….Dangerous rifle! Last Tuesday I picked up my 715t .22 , shot maybe 10 rounds gun jammed, went to clear round and when I released the charging Handel it slam fired! Backfired the casing which cut open my top lip. It jammed the bullet in the barrel and the other half of the casing is still stuck in the mag! Yesterday I had the gun shop I purchased it from send it back to mossberg. Waiting to hear back…..


Also when it comes to loading the rounds, don’t forget to set/rap the rnds in the mag by slapping the primer side in your palm. When you get to the 9th rnd. “rap the mag” then rap again 15 and 25. This takes care of the loading and feed issues in all four of my 715t magazines.


..feed the last round reliably. I fixed that by just loading 9. This rifle is FUN to shoot! I like it,my wife likes it. At a 100′ with the scope it just shoots holes through holes. I have only shot CCI and Winchester white box through it. As far as quality, I’m glad I never handled the 715t at the gun store because I would not have bought it! when I got home and took it out of the box it felt like it was a bb gun:) After shooting it however my mind changed quickly. I understand some folks… Read more »


Hi. I just wanted to jump in here and give my impressions about this rifle. A month ago I was in my LGS looking for mag extensions for my Glocks and 22lr ammo. (in this day and age you need to find ammo and extra mags before you consider purchase of a firearm)I was able to purchase 1000 rnds of CCI 22lr standard. I had never seen or heard of the 715t but it was on the wall for $270 and I thought it looked cool so I said “I’ll take it”. I also bought a $40 tasco scope and… Read more »

Van VanDyke

I’ve had some of the same jam issues I read here. I’ve tried some of the same “cures” I’ve read here. For the small (compared to other .22LR “tactical” rifles)price this one is about is as good as you can get. Notice I said compared to the small price, this is what I mean. The Walther/Colt, Armalite, S&W, and others in the higher price category will give better performance but at those prices and with those reputations, you expect more. But for this price you cannot beat the performance of this Mossberg. I found, after a lot of experimenting and… Read more »


Ok, this fixed all my problems on the Mossjam 715T. Some of these fixes were mods of suggestions from other sites and improvements I did on my pistols. I took apart the magazine and removed all traces of oil and left it dry after the mods. I took a 1″ x 2″ piece of 600 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper and polished the round and flat sides of the polymer part of the mag where the plastic slider rides using a pencil eraser to push the sandpaper into the grooves. Then did the same with 1500 grit. This removed all the plastic… Read more »


Having some of the same problems with the bolt locking back on my 715t. I think it has to be magazine related since there is no similar problem firing single shot. I’ve also had some jams where the round goes halfway in battery then bends as the bolt keeps pushing.


I have had a 702 bolt action for a few years and it has been a great gun. My son wanted a little more modern looking gun so o decided to stay with Mossberg and get the 715. What a mistake. Yes I did tear it down clean and oiled everything before it was shot. I have tried several differnt types of ammo and it mis fires,jams, fails to eject you name it this gun just doesn’t want to shot. May get 3-4 rounds before a problem. I would not recommend this gun to anyone. I am also deciding if… Read more »


I have the same problem as Fred and Den. After firing 2 or 3 rounds the bolt locks back. Does anyone have a solution to this problem, other than selling it.


have shot hundreds of rounds thru mine, only 1 jam. only problem i have is the mag ejecter is otherwise i love it is scoped and very accurate


I have has the same problem as Den. After I lubed the gun up nice and started to shoot all was well for about 50rnds until a little piece of metal flew out of the chamber. After that it has been locking its own bolt back every 2-3 shots and its becoming annoying. It only “jams” once for every 25rnd magazine but every other shot seems to make it lock its own bolt back. Does anyone have a price range of how much it will cost me to send it back to Mossberg to get it fixed? If so please… Read more »


My son and I both bought the 715T recently. Took them out to sight in the optics today and after reading the comments made a point to use several different types of ammo. We used everything from 31 to 40 grain bullets, regular velocity to 1480 fps. We avoided subsonic since the book said to use high velocity. We also used 7 different 25 round magazines. I am pleased to say both guns worked flawlessly, both with slow and rapid fire. Both of us are very happy with them.


I had the exact same problem as Den. I have sent the broken parts for repair/replacement under warranty. Will post when I know more.


did you strip your gun down and clean everything like the manuel says before shooting?


Brought my gun to the range and went through 25 rounds just fine. After reloading and popping off 6 rounds a little metal piece flew out of the chamber and then every round started to jam. Sounds like something is wrong here.


Bought the 715t flat top last week and put about 1100 rounds through it this weekend. Tried about 8 different kinds of ammunition and found that the subsonics would jam about 1 per 25 round mag. I found the Winchester super x high velocitys worked amazing. As well as the American eagles and federals. (All three high velocity). Only thing I didn't like about the gun is the stock feels a little to cheap and the clam shelled grip feels like it will come apart eventually. Over all for the money I have no complaints and would recommend it so… Read more »


I'm currently strongly considering buying one of these for just cheap range shooting and practice. However, I am now very concerned with all these Mag issues I'm reading about. Clearly Mossburg has an issue, and doesn't seem to be doing anything to rectify the Magazine problem. Are there any other .22 AR style rifles out there within the $275-$350 range? I really like the M&P .22 but don't want to shell out the $599 for one. Any recommendations? Thanks!


Well after disassembling the entire gun oiling and putting it back together I got the same ol problems jam after jam so l sold it and bought a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22( the most exciting gun I own) cycled about 500 rounds so far no problems and the way this thing fires dont think I will have one SORRY MOSSBERG


I bought this gun for my 12 yr old step-son for Christmas. We just had a chance to fire it tonight. I was a little worried about it after reading all the comments on here, but to my relief, all went well. I put a bi-pod on it for him, and had an old Firefield scope laying around to put on it as well. We didn't have alot of time to shoot today (was late, and shot until dark), so we just concentrated on getting the scope sighted in. The scope was off by alot, and since I'm visiting my… Read more »


and it dosent sound like mossberg has been much help for anyone


I bought my 715t for my wife at home and for plinking with my daughter and nephew. I oiled and cleaned the bolt with a brush as well as I could without disassembling the rifle. At our local range there is a 3rd limit in mags I slow fired the first 3 without a problem. I loaded 3 more and when I bulled back the bolt and released it the f—in thing went off. The guy sitting next to me saw what happened we talked about it and after much debating we decided it my have been the ammo and… Read more »

Jimmie Whitehurst

I have had the same problem.I sent mine back to mossberg..And it has been a nightmare thay have had it for a mouth…and u call thay say thay are working on it we will see…….I hope thay get it fixed….


Shot mine for the first time today,about 300 rounds. I was getting one to two failure to feeds every mag for the first 100 rounds. The bolt would hit the round in the side instead of the rim. I discovered that the weight of the mag is pulling it down away from the bolt. I then started to grab the front of the mag while shooting and holding it in the proper position. Never had a failure after that no matter how fast it was shot. Being based on a plinkster using 10 round mags it can't hold the heavier… Read more »


Shot mine for the first time today,about 300 rounds. I was getting one to two failure to feeds every mag for the first 100 rounds. The bolt would hit the round in the side instead of the rim. I discovered that the weight of the mag is pulling it down away from the bolt. I then started to grab the front of the mag while shooting and holding it in the proper position. Never had a failure after no matter how fast it was shot. Being based on a plummeted using 10 round mags

Dick Adams

I have the same problem,fire 2 or 3 rounds and it jambs.As for the sale I never got a manual.I am a little p ….off.Where do I send for a Manual?????


bought the 715t about a week ago, 400 rounds fine. the instructions clearly state to clean and oil the gun before use. MARSHALL, what scope are you using and/or recommend for the 715t with handle.


Bought the 715t with the handle a month or so ago. Cleaned and took to the range recently and put a couple hundred rounds thru it. I have 3 25rd mags and the 10rd mag that came with it. One of the 25rd mags fired fine, no jams. Other two 25rd mags had about 2 jams per mag. 10rd. mag worked just fine. I have an old scope I installed on it with a fore handle/bipod. Was shooting about 2"-3"groups at 100 yds. It may have done better, but there was a pretty stiff wind blowing. I was suprised that… Read more »


I however love my gun, I get one jam out of 550 rounds and I can't complain about it.


I bought one of these little jewels and an additional (2) 25 rd mags. It ran 150 rounds of winchesters black noses with 4 jams.. Then KAPUT! It's been in the shop for a week and I'm still waiting for the report. I bought a ruger 10/22 and (2) 25 rd mags in the interim time and have cycled 300 rounds of various ammos thru it without a single hitch.I also have a 40 year old Marlin 22 I've run over a million rounds thru, wore out 4 mags and it's still running strong a 25 round mag at a… Read more »

Rick Borges

You people think this is finished like a sig sauer or smith and wesson 22LR? I oiled the action and cycled 750 times. Then i cleaned and reoiled. Magazine wouldnt load by hand after 10 without the thumbsaver – they give you in the box however, i used the humbsaver and loaded the ammo up to 25 about 4 times and each time it got easier. so i loaded it up to about 15 rounds and shoved a flat plat handle against the rounds so it would work past the 10 round part where it turns into the rest of… Read more »


AVOID THIS GUN i just bought this paper weight at the gun show for 275 dollars, correction 275 wasted dollars, and with the from the first to last mag it was a total jam fest, i had brass half caught in the chamber, ALOT of failed to enject shells, the clip wont go in with out the bolt cocked and even then it hardly goes in, the sights are garbage in the dark any ambiant light glares off the gun, the clip is hard as heck to load more then 10 rounds in a 25 round clip, tommarrow mossberg will… Read more »


Thanks for the info I've done everything but try loading only 20 instead of 25 I'll try this and see I'm using CCI tactical and still having the same problem and it's even jamming with no rapid fire just single shots I don't understand I love the gun too just hopeing I didn't make a mistake I ordered 2 extra clips just to see if thats the problem

savage scope

yeah make sure the gun and the mags are oiled up, i have 2 25rd mags that i only load to 20 to help with the jams as they feed…..your standard .22lr round will stovepipe and jam up. what u need is a heavier grain like a 40 grain… winchester actually makes a .22lr round spacificaly for the semi auto .22 rifle called winchester M-22 and they work great. i researched this before i got my mossberg 715t and out the box with just a quick lube job i fired over 200rds with no jams or any complications…i love this… Read more »


Having exact same problem as Mr.B anyone have any solutions


Well I own one myself the problem is not the gun the problem is the 25 rd mags. The problem is that the springs in the mag are to weak to feed properly, the become weak very quickly.The solution I found was to simply cut 2 equal pieces of a wooden dowel the size of a pencil aproxametly 1'' to 1 1/4 and place them below the bottom sprind on the side of the mag and simply put back together. It will became a 20 round mag, but works well. Also you can cut a dowel and push the slide… Read more »


Got mine cleaned it before shooting works great yes some jams with bulk ammo but it's possible its ammo getting damaged when loading as at the start it is hard to load the 25 round clip loaded it up 25 bullets and am going to lock it interesting gun safe and leave it for a day or two to break in the. Clip spring some posters say this helps got a red dot Site for my flat top and it shoots straight 12 year old,do daughter can hit the ends of pop cans at 100 yards all in all a… Read more »


Yeah, it jams all the time. Same problem as Boredintr. The gun jams all the time right out of the box. I haven't found a way to not have it jam.


Did you clean the gun like the manual said to before shooting it???

Mr B

I purchased a Mossberg Tac 22 in 16th of June, 2012 for my better ½ for home it needs to work right for her safety if it dos not scare them away the gun needs to work not jam up. I was thinking with 25 rds. It would stop someone if needed. On the first visit to the range while I was firing the rifle on slow fire. I encounter the following problems: Numerous fail to eject, fail to feed to the Stovepipe. The granddaddy of all problems was when a round fail to seat in the chamber and jam… Read more »

Greg Young

Need info. on how to obtain additional 25 round mags for the Mossberg 715T