Nebraska Victims Protection Act of 2021 ~ Castle Doctrine

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Nebraska Firearms Owners Association - Victims Protection Act
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association – Victims Protection Act

Omaha, NE –-( As I write this I have just finished preparing my testimony for the hearing on LB 804, scheduled for this afternoon. I am about to leave for the Capital. Before I do I wanted to get some important information to you.

What many have referred to as Castle Doctrine has been a priority of ours for the past few years. With LB 804, we have a shot this year. But we need Nebraskans to act. I need your help. Do you use Facebook? Share the website. Tell your friends about this important legislation. Please forward this note to your family and friends. Talk about this issue with your neighbors.

The 2012 Legislative session is in full swing. New Bills have been introduced and some of them have already been placed on the hearing schedules. This year we are only getting 7 days’ notice for hearing schedules. It was 10 or 11 days last year. Since this is a short session year things are moving fast

We tried something new this year for voting on the issues. In the past, all voting occurred on our website or the forum. This year we sent a link to the survey out with a newsletter in order to get wider exposure to the membership. If you haven’t voted, you still can. The link to the survey is here. Please take a moment and let us know what position you’d like the NFOA to take on these important pieces of legislation.

Priority Bill Needs Your Help
The NFOA has spent the last 3 years tirelessly working with the Legislature to pass a Victims Protection Act in Nebraska, which some have called the Castle Doctrine. In past years, we’ve been blocked by the stubborn resistance from several liberal senators on the Judiciary Committee who choose to protect criminals over victims. But this year will be different. This year, we have a new bill introduced: LB 804, and we see this bill making it out of the Judiciary Committee, to the floor for a general vote, and ultimately passing.

Our approach this year is much more aggressive. As an NFOA member, you know that we’ve launched, a website dedicated to educating Nebraska voters on the Victim Protection Act. But we need to reach Nebraskans who haven’t joined the NFOA yet. We need them to call and write their senators, just like you have been doing. So to reach them, we have prepared a radio ad ready to air on stations throughout Nebraska to call those Nebraskans to action and join you and I in working to get the Victims Protection Act passed.

The challenge is that airing radio ads cost money. And as a non-profit organization, the NFOA must raise those funds through donations. As a non-profit organization, we have worked out a greatly reduced rate of just under $5000 to air over 100 Victims Protection Act radio ads throughout the State that will reach over 70,000 Nebraska voters. That’s a lot of money, but we have well over 5000 NFOA members and if every single one of us chipped in, as little as $1, we can mobilize well over 10 times our NFOA membership and push this bill beyond the few obstructive senators in Judiciary Committee and to the Unicameral floor, where we know there is enough support for the Victim Protection Act to pass.

Do you want to be secure in knowing that your home is your castle? Do you want to have the peace of mind knowing that if you ever have to legally defend yourself or your family that the violent criminal (or his family) won’t be able to hire an ambulance-chasing lawyer to sue you for your life savings? Then please consider donating to the operation. Together we can get LB804 passed and have a Victims Protection Act in Nebraska this year!

Member voting
The position we take to the Legislature and lobby for is what our members tell us to take. Take the legislative survey here.

To participate in discussions of these bills please join us in the forums.

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