Norma USA Launches At Shot Show 2012

Norma-300 Win Ammunition Cases
Norma-300 Win Ammunition Cases

USA –-( Norma, the Swedish manufacturer of superior hunting and target ammunition is launching a concerted effort in the US market to grow the brand as Norma USA.

At the annual SHOT Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 17 – 20, 2012, Norma USA will be introducing a complete line of US, European and Weatherby component cases for the consumer market.

The new cases will be packaged in 25-round consumer packs with the new Norma USA branding and graphics. A new Norma USA website is also scheduled to launch mid-January 2012.

Norma USA will warehouse and fulfill all Norma products in all calibers by mid-February of 2012 with distribution through major US retailers.

Norma USA’s commitment to the US hunting and target shooting market will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign in the National Rifle Association publication “American Hunter,” “Safari,” “Bugle,” “Handloader,” and “Rifle” magazines, as well as attendance in the annual National Rifle Association Annual Meeting to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, April 12 – 15, 2012. New loaded ammo initiatives will be announced at this popular consumer show.

About Norma:

The ideas and expertise of Swedish hunters have grown to what Norma represents today: it is one of the leading manufacturers of superior ammunition – highly respected all over the world. Visit

Norma USA

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ep swope
ep swope
8 years ago

Been trying to find a dealer anywhere close to Wa. state. When I find something by Norma,the website puts me with some other brand,or dealer. All I want is some powder for my reloading. Used Norma in Europe and loved it. Need help in getting some MRP

William Bowles
William Bowles
9 years ago

It would be nice if there was a distributor that we could order Norma products,ie powder,[email protected] The availibility of Norma products is pitiful. You call, the distributor either has it on back order,does not stock the item or no longer is a distributor.Norma products are top quality. nut hard to find. Bill Bowles