NRA Competitive Shooting Division Unveils NRA Club Champion Challenge Program

NRA Competitive Shooting Sports

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division is unveiling the NRA Club Champion Challenge, a new recreational shooting event for people of all ages and skill levels held at the local clubs and ranges.

Geared towards local shooting clubs, ranges, and civic organizations, the NRA Club Champion Challenge encourages recreational and experienced shooters to try a variety of disciplines and courses of fire. This friendly form of competition promotes participation amongst club or range members as they battle for awards and bragging rights.

“New grassroots programs such as the NRA Club Champion Challenge are a fantastic way to get shooters of every skill level out on to the firing line,” said Mike Krei, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting. “This is a fun, recreational event is designed to encourage participation and introduce people to competitive shooting or new disciplines.”

To hold an event, organization must choose at least three of the fourteen offered courses of fire. Designed to fit almost any range, the courses of fire range from air rifle to hunting rifle to tactical pistol and skeet shooting. Materials provided by the NRA include Championship belt buckles for the winners and medals for the other top shooters.

The NRA Club Champion Challenge is designed for all shooters, from beginners up to expert-level competitors. Through the NRA Club Champion Challenge, participants compete side-by-side, promoting sportsmanship and the ability for seasoned competitors to mentor those who are less experienced.

Fees for the NRA Club Champion Challenge are just $10 per competitors and $5 for juniors. Any club or organization may participate as NRA membership is not required to either hold or compete in an event.

For more information on the NRA Club Champion Challenge, including program standards and courses of fire, visit or contact NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division at 1-877-NRA-MATCH or [email protected]

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