Parabellum Armament & Arma Dynamic’s New Ambidextrous Charging Handles For M4/M16/Ar15 Weapons

Designed for the military environment, the new line features two variants.

Parabellum Armament Ambidextrous Charging Handles For M4/M16/Ar15
Parabellum Armament Ambidextrous Charging Handles For M4/M16/Ar15
Parabellum Armament
Parabellum Armament

Cincinnati OH –-( Parabellum Armament Company, a veteran owned and operated company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of USA made products for military, law enforcement and responsible citizens, in partnership with Arma Dynamics is proud to announce the new line of Ambidextrous Charging Handles for the M4/M16/AR15 weapon system family.

Designed and intended for the military environment, the new line features two variants- The URL (Universal Release Latch) and ADF (Ambidextrous-Dual Functioning) models.Parabellum Armament Ambidextrous Charging Handles

Both models share a common, ergonomic shape which is wider than the standard USGI charging handle and designed with contoured ergonomic grasping surfaces to assist in charging handle operation. This patented shape is the result of a human, form-factors study and is unique within the industry. No other M4/M16/AR15 charging handle has ever been designed as specifically around the human movement.

Both the ‘URL’ and ‘ADF’ charging handle products share an identical shape and have 80%+ parts commonality.

‘URL’ Model Charging Handle – The Universal Release Latch model offers a large push tab on the rear of the grasping surface which goes beyond ambidextrous activation by making it universal. No matter what hand is used, an intuitive and normal grasping action is used to operate the mechanism. Closing the thumb and fingers together in a natural grip from any side or angle will compress the rear mounted latch release button, thereby freeing the latch simultaneously as the hand begins to withdraw the charging handle. The ‘URL’ charging handle provides the most intuitive and natural function possible based upon the normal physiology of the thumb and fingers naturally closing together during the gripping motion.

Installation of the ‘URL’ charging handle converts any M16/M4-based weapon system into a universal platform. No longer will any attention need to be paid to strong or weak side operation of the charging handle as the same completely intuitive and normal central grasping motion is instead utilized for every charging event and is equally available from either side or any condition. Weapon charging becomes a smooth, controlled and highly efficient operation that requires no re-training of muscle memory as the natural gripping action required is inherent in human physiology. Off-side, weak-side and non-traditional charging and weapons handling drills and exercises become a thing of the past as the ‘URL’ model charging handle allows the exact same grasping location, inherent feel, and tactile activation from all contact angles. There is no longer any need to switch techniques during these weapon manipulations as the centrally located rear operated activation button operates the same in all situations.

‘ADF’ Model Charging Handle – The Ambidextrous-Dual Functioning model appeals to the operator who prefers the advantages of ambidextrous activation, combined with aggressive activation during rapid-action scenarios.

The ‘ADF’ charging handle is engineered to eliminate the traditional weakness found in normal charging handles when certain modern charging techniques, such as “blading”, are used to rapidly and forcefully open the latch and charge the weapon. Under such techniques the full direct force of the operators actions are directed into the very small and weak latch retaining pin area, an area that was never designed to accommodate such forces.

The revolutionary ‘ADF’ activation mechanism design completely eliminates that pathway of force transmission. With the new design there is NO direct contact, or force transmission, into the latch pivot pin itself along that pathway, eliminating any chance of breaking the pin or tearing apart the charging handle at that location. Instead, this design offers right and left side activation levers that provide initial contact to begin opening the latch, but then the force transmission pathway immediately re-directs all rearward forces back into the structure of the charging handle itself, removing any shock and stress to either the individual activation levers or the retaining latch itself. By this mechanical force pathway management, a direct, rapid force can be applied to the charging handle at its strongest, most massive, location while removing any chance of damage to the activation levers or latch system.

Further, the dual activation levers feature true balanced-force activation such that activation of the handle using either lever results in a smooth, light and easy, opening of the retaining latch with no drag or hesitation. With this ambidextrous design, each activation lever moves independently of the other, biased only by a unique ultra-light spring force and not interconnected to the other lever or latch itself. Other designs mechanically interconnect the separate levers which cause drag, excessive opening force and wear to the components.

The ‘ADF’ design offers the traditional look and feel of forward mounted activation levers but adds the capability of utilizing newer manipulation techniques without fear of damaging the latch or handle. This greatly reduces the chance of damage to the host weapon’s internal components such as bolt, bolt rings, and bolt carrier as can happen when a conventional charging handle is overstressed and fails.

Both models are currently in limited series production and professional deployments. Pricing and availability have not been determined.

About Parabellum Armament:
Parabellum Armament, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a company owned and operated by seasoned combat soldiers. Dedicated to making USA made, high quality tactical gear and accessories for operators and individuals that put themselves in Harm’s Way, Parabellum Armament has set the bar to very high standards for quality products made to protect the very lives the protect our freedoms. Parabellum Armament designed and developed the patented AK Adaptive Rail System (AKARS) that upgrades the popular AK rifle and its variants to a level of accuracy often associated with AR/M16/M4 models. For more information on Parabellum Armament, visit

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