Stoeger’s Double Defense O/U Shotgun Affords Ultimate Protection

Stoeger’s Double Defense O/U Shotgun
Stoeger’s Double Defense O/U Shotgun Affords Ultimate Protection

ACCOKEEK, MD –-( Stoeger’s new Double Defense Over/Under shotgun is a straightforward, economically priced, rugged and reliable home defense shotgun.

Ideal for use in tight quarters and tense situations, the Stoeger Double Defense O/U with its traditional break-action and short, efficient design is easy to load and quick to deploy in an emergency.

A double-barrel shotgun has been the defensive firearm of choice for generations, but Stoeger has added practical, up-to-date features to the “tried-and-true” double gun. The Double Defense O/U is chambered for 2 ¾- and 3-inch shells, in either 12- or 20-gauge.

The tactical-length 20-inch barrels feature fixed, improved cylinder chokes. The fast, single-trigger design and convenient, tang-mounted automatic safety makes the Stoeger Double Defense O/U ideal for home security use.

The Double Defense O/U is fitted with a green, fiber-optic front sight and comes standard with three Picatinny rail accessory mounts—two that are factory-installed forward of the fore-end on either side of the barrels, and a third Picatinny rail is included with the gun and can be mounted on the receiver for those who prefer optic sights.

All metal surfaces are finished in matte blue and come complete with non-reflective matte black hardwood stock and fore-end.

“Stoeger’s new Double Defense O/U shotgun is a perfect choice for high-stress, self defense situations where simple is best,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing & Communications. “If you want a gun that’s easy to use and quick to handle—and one that won’t crush your finances—the Stoeger Double Defense is your shotgun of choice.”


  • Gauge: 12- & 20-gauge
  • Barrel Length: 20”
  • Chokes: Fixed IC
  • Sights: Green Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Metal Finish: Matte Black Receiver & Barrels
  • Stock Material: Hardwood
  • Average Weight: (12-ga) 7.5 lbs., (20-ga) 7.0 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 37.5”
  • Length of Pull: 14.5”
  • Drop at heel: 2”
  • Drop at Comb: 1.5”
  • MSRP: $539

About Stoeger Industries:

Stoeger Industries, established in 1924, is a member of the Benelli USA family of companies, located in Accokeek, Maryland. Stoeger offers a complete lineup of shotguns and gauges. Products include shotgunspistolsturkey shotgunswaterfowl shotgunspump shotguns, and target guns in side by side and over and under configurations. Stoeger’s tactical firearms lineup includes both shotguns and pistols.

Stoeger Industries

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Tommy Of Shaolin
Tommy Of Shaolin
8 years ago

I just bought this gun and it is an absolute BEAST. Love the look, the feel and for home defense, if you need more then two shots, you’d better pack it in. Besides, anyone with any skill can use this weapon, reload and fire two more rounds in around 5 seconds with practice. It’s weight allows for easy “hip shooting” by absorbing a lot of the recoil. Also, the 3(!) accessoriy rails make for great customization and uniqueness. LOVE THIS GUN. Oh yeah, most places only put a $300-$400 dollar price on it.

9 years ago

Better than nothing. It's for people who don't want to bother with a pump and all it's complexities, weight, size, etc., a hand gun that's too small to find.

What's left? Pepper spray? People like that used it on their chili.

But give them a simple very reliable over/under and you solved the "better than nothing" crowd.

There's something for everyone, that's what makes this gun so great.

9 years ago

Oh my… The desire to get in on the "Combat Shotgun" trade has reached a new Nadir. While there might be an ever so sleight theoretical benefit to a double barreled side by side shotgun one that you discharge simultaneously. (something that has been eliminated in recent products. Its a One/Two shot deal… then you have a club.. In any configuration they are still not a modern "Combat Shotgun" Nor a reasonable selection for defensive purpose. Go to the Pawn Shop, buy a 12 ga 870 Rem. 500 Mossberg or one the the many clones .. Figure out the extension… Read more »