Ted Nugent’s High Performance Hunting Ammunition

Company will manufacture HIGH PERFORMANCE hunting ammunition for Ted Nugent Avid hunter and music legend.

Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammo
Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammo
Pierce Munitions
Pierce Munitions

Buffalo, New York – -(Ammoland.com)- Pierce Munitions, LLC has entered an exclusive agreement to manufacture high performance hunting ammunition for the legendary Ted Nugent.

Pierce Munitions is a company whose main focus is producing high quality performance ammunition. The Ted Nugent Brand will be available for retail distribution exclusively through American Tactical , Rochester, NY

Under the Nugent Brand, Pierce will manufacture the most popular calibers of hunting ammunition. They plan to produce hand gun hunting ammunition in .357 magnum, 10mm, 44 magnum and 45 Long Colt as well as various hunting rifle ammunition from the .223, 308, 30-30, 243, 30-06, 270, 300 Win Mag and the 50 cal. BMG. Each caliber will be available with various projectile options.

Ted Nugent, a lifelong outdoorsman and hunter, said “My life, family and friends are one big shooting, hunting, outdoor family. I am excited and proud to now help create state of the art ammo for dedicated sporters everywhere.”

Nugent looks forward to partnering with Pierce. “Ted Nugent is putting his name on our product and insists in Perfection in every shot said Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Wright. “That is our sole focus right from the beginning” . We use only the finest components available. Each round is hand inspected and hand packaged.”

In the first quarter of 2012, the company will start producing the Nugent branded ammunition and the product is expected to be available at most sporting goods retailers by July 2012.

Pierce Munitions LLC is based in Buffalo, NY, founded in 2009 and is owned by CEO, Aaron J. Pierce. Visit: www.piercemunitions.com

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    1. I use and like the hollow point 30-30 ammo. Is there a reload version of this bullet? Would like to be able to get and use this type bullet in my M1 carbine.

    2. There are no reliable sources for Winchester .284 ammunition on the market today even though there are thousands of commercial firearms chambered for that caliber out in the real world. There are countless Winchester Model 88’s and 100’s that were sold along with Model 70’s and rifles from other manufacturers now sitting ideally in owners closets due to the lack of ammo to use. This is actually a short action round that has almost the same ballistics as a .270 Win. or a .280 Rem. There has also been a resurgence of shooters looking for that round since it is being used more and more for accuracy competition shoots. This is a round that would no doubt be scooped up very quickly if it were to be produced with similar ballistics as the previously manufactured rounds from Winchester especially in the 150 gr. configuration. I currently have 3 rifles chambered for that caliber and would love to have a case of 150 grain loads in my gunroom.

    3. Would like to carry Ted Nugent brand ammo in my shop as he is highly respected here in Indiana,
      do you wholesale please? How do I proceed?


      Patti Brown
      Ricky Baker
      Treasures “In the Woods”
      215 West Monroe Street
      Delphi, Indiana 46923
      (765) 412-7005
      [email protected]

    4. I was wondering if you guys sell .22 mag ammo? because its hard to find here in Ohio, if you don’t get it when the stores order it then you have to wait months on end. on our property we have a lot of ground hogs here and I use a .22 mag Winchester bolt action rifle. So any way please let me know either way THANK YOU!!!!

    5. Ted, I am old enough to be your father and I have all the respect in the world for you. However pleasebe real careful what you say all they want is for you to cross the line.(please dont) I will back you and your ideas to hell & back. You have a good heart and thats all that counts. If you ever get to Oregon on the South coast look me up and we can tell each other lies.(ha) God Bless you and your family

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