This Week on American Trigger Sports Network the 2011 Texas State FITASC

American Trigger Sports Network
American Trigger Sports Network

Ventura, CA – -( This week on the Trigger Sports Network TV – 2011 Texas State FITASC

Shooters and Fans! THIS WEEK on ATSN TV we bring you Season 2 of the 2011 Texas State FITASC Championship at Rock Creek Clays, Grandview, Texas

Pursuit Channel (DirecTV 608 PRST/ Dish /Network 240 HUNT)
Exclusive Shooting Destination Night-Friday the 13th!!!


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Tuesday January 10th and Friday January 13th!
2011 Texas State FITASC Championship
Rock Creek Clays, Grandview, Texas

Host, James B. Towle and the Trigger Sports TV team visit Rock Creek Clays, where top competitors, including Scott Robertson, converge to win the coveted Texas State FITASC Champion title. You'll enjoy the spectacular scenery and attractions at the beautiful Beaumont Ranch. Witness some fine shooting, and help us answer the question, “What does FITASC stand for?” You'll enjoy the quest!

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James B. Towle
American Trigger Sports Network

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