Umarex USA Expands .45 caliber Regent Handgun Line

Regent R200S 45 Handgun
Regent R200S 45 Handgun
Umarex USA
Umarex USA

FORT SMITH, Arkansas –-(  Umarex USA is expanding its line of .45 ACP handguns. Adam Blalock, President and CEO of Umarex USA said,

“The strong success of the Regent R100 illustrates that the consumer is looking for a high-quality, value driven 1911.

The quality of the Regent is unparalleled in the market for its retail price point, and in 2012, we are adding two additional Regent handguns that offer outstanding features normally found in much higher priced models. Combining quality with affordable retail prices, consumers will clearly recognize the value of both the Regent R200S and R350CR.”

The new R200S is a stainless version of Umarex USA’s Regent R100S 1911 A1 style handgun. The R200S is already shipping with Hogue grips installed and factory standard customized features such as a beavertail grip safety, ambidextrous thumb safety, commander-style hammer, and skeleton trigger. This Regent stainless retails for under $600.

The R350CR is expected to ship this spring. This compact variant of the 1911 has a four-inch barrel and is equipped with a rail, beavertail grip safety, ambidextrous thumb safety, commander-style hammer, skeleton trigger, and a checkered front strap. Also shipped with Hogue® grips, the Regent R350CR is expected to retail for under $550.

Regent R350CR 45 Handgun
Regent R350CR 45 Handgun

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Umarex USA is one of North America's fastest growing sport and recreation gun companies. Umarex USA markets firearms and non-powder guns under licensed brands such as Walther, RWS, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Beretta, Colt, Elite Force, Magnum Research, Regent, UZI, and others. For additional information regarding Umarex USA visit and

  • 4 thoughts on “Umarex USA Expands .45 caliber Regent Handgun Line

    1. I purchased a Regent R200S stainless earlier this year.(2015) Can’t say enough about the great price, presentation and accuracy. I put 500 rounds (100 x 5 outings) through it with failure. My piece came with a magazine stamped Colt 45.
      Not sure if this is an original Colt magazine or if the stamping just indicates the caliber but the steel follower design is certainly old school. In any case, the Colt magazine worked well. I prefer Wilson ETM mags so this is what I used for the 500 rounds after using the Colt mag for a few fully loaded mags. The ammo varied by manufacturer and bullit type. The gun performed as expected right out of the box. Accuracy was better than average. It would be nice if Umarex USA made a few changes to this gun to move it up the ladder in the world of 1911 pistols. Adding a fiver optic front site and 2 Wilson ETM mags would certainly raise the buyers interest for a modest increase in retail MSRP. Just my opinion.

    2. Sandie. Most 1911’s come from the factory with a 18 pound recoil spring. You might want to try a 16 as long as you are shooting standard factory loads. If you go with the lighter spring, you should add a shock buffer to the recoil rod. They take some of the bite out of the recoil and they also add to the longevity of the parts. Brownells is your friend.

    3. i have a 1911A1 taurus 45 that is extreamly hard to slide back to cock. do they have a recoil spring tha that is softer to slide? i need help

    4. Just bought one of these Regent R350CRs from a local dealer. I was impressed with what I read about it and liked it’s looks. Unfortunately, that’s where the love affair ends.
      After field stripping it and giving it a good once over, I took it to the range this morning and experienced multiple FTFs with 4 different magazines! 2 Colt, 1 Wilson Combat, and the factory mag from Regent. I stopped counting after 15. I put a total of 100 rounds of round nose target ammo thru this today plus 10 rounds of hollow point. Winchester, Federal and Remminton and had hic-cups with all of it. The gun DOES NOT like hollow points which presents a problem if using this for CC/self defense. I can’t believe 4 different magazines were the problem which puts the FTFs squarely on the gun.
      Needless to say I was NOT impressed. Now for accuracy, it’s right up there with my Kimber! 2-2.5 inch patterns at 25 yards……very nice! However, the FTFs are a real downer. I guess I need to take it to a Smith and have the feed ramp polished and see if there is anything else that could be the issue. Right out of the box though, other than the accuracy, I can’t say much positive about the operation of this firearm. Hell, my RIA performed way better than this straight out of the box!

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