Virginia Citizens Defense League Legislative Update & Action Items 1-26-12

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Covington, VA –-( Yesterday the Senate Courts of Justice Committee heard a bunch of gun bills and some important ones, like the repeal of One Handgun a Month and repeal of Fingerprinting for CHP applicants, passed out of committee.

Unfortunately, a few bad bills passed out, too, and a few good bills were moved to next year:

  • SB 4, Senator Stuart, Castle Doctrine – Passed out of committee by 8 to 7!
  • SB 64, Senator Stanley, Castle Doctrine – Rolled into SB 4, above.
  • SB 67, Senator Stanley, removes option for localities to fingerprint first time CHP applicants – Passed out of committee by 8 to 6!
  • SB 224, Senator Herring, makes it easier to disarm someone for LIFE who is convicted of MISDEMEANOR domestic violence – Passed out of committee. We will have to kill this bill on the Floor.
  • SB 323, Senator Carrico, repeals One Handgun a Month – Passed out of committee by 8 to 6!
  • SB 324, Senator Carrico, state agency preemption – Carried over to next year
  • SB 379, Senator McEachin, makes private firearm sales illegal – passed by for the day.
  • SB 429, Senator Ruff, streamlines the Virginia form used for purchasing firearms – passed by for the day.
  • SB 554, Senator Favola, disarms someone with an emergency protection order without due process – Passed out of committee 9 to 6. We will have to kill this bill on the Floor.
  • SB 563, Senator Ruff, cleans up some minor issues in the concealed weapon code – Passed by for the day.
  • SB 612, Senator Black, moves long gun to the federal NICS system from the Virginia Instant Check system to improve the amount of time needed to run background checks – Carried over to next year.
  • SB 648, Senator McEachin, adds yet another penalty to a gun owner who is in possession of a gun while intoxicated – passed by for the day.
  • SB 670, Senator Garrett, removes option for localities to fingerprint first time CHP applicants – Rolled into HB 67, above.


Thursday, January 26, at 5 PM in the 4th Floor West Conference Room in the General Assembly, the House Militia, Police, and Public Safety subcommittee #1 is going to hear several gun bills and I will be there to speak on them. If you can make it to the committee hearing to show support (and put on a “Guns Save Lives” sticker), that would be great!

  • HB 20, Delegate Wilt, protects the right of citizens to carry and transport firearms during a declared emergency (VCDL Strongly Supports)
  • HB 22, Delegate Cole, requires localities to try to sell guns they are in possession of instead of just destroying them (VCDL Strongly Supports)
  • HB 26, Delegate Cole, provides a $25 civil fine for failure to produce a CHP if demanded by a law enforcement officer (VCDL Strongly Supports)
  • HB 364, Delegate McClellan, perennial “gun show loophole” bill (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
  • HB 375, Delegate Pogge, allows local government employees to be able to store their guns in their personal vehicles while at work (VCDL Strongly Supports)
  • HB 458, Delegate BaCote, allows localities to ban guns in libraries (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
  • HB 940, Delegate Lingamfelter, repeals Virginia’s One Handgun a Month law (VCDL Strongly Supports)

Here are a bunch of automatic emails that you need to send ASAP in support of key bills that are on the move.


  • Support for pro-gun bills (above), HB 20, HB 22, HB 26, HB 940.
  • Support for pro-gun bill to allow employees of localities to store guns in their private vehicles while at work.
  • Opposition to anti-gun bills (above), HB 364 and HB 458.

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