Alaska Castle Doctrine Bill Still In Committee

Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force
Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force

Anchorage, AK –-( HB 80 (Castle Doctrine bill) is bottled up in the Judiciary committee. We need your help to get it moving.

You can email all members of the committees by copying and pasting the addresses into the TO in your email program. Just take a few minutes and do it.

We can get this passed. The Governor said he will sign it if it gets to his desk. Please send this email to everyone you know.

If you would like to send messages of support this session, the committee member information is:

The Senate Judiciary members are:

Senator Hollis French (Chair); Senator Wielechowski (Vice-Chair); Senators Paskvan, McGuire and Coghill. If you would like to do an e-mail to all – simply cut and paste the following into the e-mail: [email protected]; Senator_Bill_Wielechowski; Senator_Joe_Paskvan; Senator_Lesil_McGuire; Senator_John_Coghill

Senate Finance Members are:

Co-Chairs Senator Hoffman and Stedman; Members are Senators Olson, Egan, Thomas, Ellis and McGuire. Here is the e-mail listing that can be copied and pasted into an e-mail to the Senators: [email protected]; Senator_Bert_Stedman; Senator_Donnie_Olson, [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

You can read the full text of HB80 here:

The legislators that have signed on as co-sponsors to this bill are:


  • REPRESENTATIVE(s) NEUMAN, FEIGE, LYNN, COSTELLO, Hawker, Chenault, Olson, Keller, T.Wilson, Stoltze, Thompson, Johnson, P.Wilson, Dick, Millett, Saddler
  • SENATOR(s) Giessel, Dyson, Huggins, Meyer, Menard, McGuire, Stevens, Stedman, Coghill, Olson, Wagoner, Wielechowski

Here is the vote from the House:


Yeas: Austerman, Chenault, Costello, Dick, Edgmon, Fairclough, Feige, Foster, Gatto, Gruenberg, Guttenberg, Hawker, Herron, Johansen, Johnson, Joule, Kawasaki, Keller, Lynn, Miller, Millett, Munoz, Neuman, Olson, Petersen, Pruitt, Saddler, Seaton, Stoltze, Thompson, Tuck, P.Wilson, T.Wilson

Nays: Cissna, Doogan, Gara, Gardner, Holmes, Kerttula

Excused: Thomas

If you have any questions or need more information, please ask.

Representative Mark Neuman
907-465-2679 Main
907-465-4822 Fax
State Capitol, Room 513
Juneau AK 99801


The mission of The Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force is to provide Alaskans with the knowledge of the meaning and true purpose of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with which they may conduct themselves as responsible citizens of our republic. Visit:

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