Anglers and Hunters Unseat Two Animal Rights Politicians

By Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.

Color The Green Movement Blue
Color The Green Movement Blue

Trenton, NJ –-( Whitmore Publishing Company has agreed to publish “Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health.”

The book tells of how a few anglers and hunters united fellow outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to throw two animal rights politicians out of office for creating legislation that would have banned freshwater fishing and hunting in New Jersey.

It is a David and Goliath like chronicle, a couple of guileless sportsmen relying on a seat-of-the-pants undertaking, and only three months’ time, to come up with the strategy, finances, and wherewithal to unseat two savvy, well-financed, animal rights legislators.

The author, and cofounder of the grassroots movement, Anthony P. Mauro, Sr., stated, “I’m ecstatic that a publisher like Whitmore saw merit in the story. It’s not only about the determination and resourcefulness of anglers and hunters taking on the Herculean task of defeating two animal rights politicians, it also highlights their important contributions as environmental stewards.” Mauro continued,

“Finally, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen are getting recognized for the good they do. I originally self-published the story never thinking that the book would have wide-spread appeal. I’m glad to learn differently and proud to be associated with Whitmore.”

According to the Whitmore Publishing Company website, “Beginning in 1961, Whitmore Publishing Company has selected books of merit for publication. Throughout the years, the guiding philosophy of Whitmore Publishing Company has been that books can make a difference in the lives readers choose to live.

Books published by Whitmore have inspired and informed; they have taken a holistic approach in attempting to feed the intellect and the spirit; they have addressed the big questions; and they have searched in the discrete corners of the human experience.”

Whitmore published Warren Adler’s first novel Options. Consequently, he is the very prolific and highly acclaimed author of twenty-five novels, including The War of the Roses and Random Hearts, both of which became major motion pictures.

About Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr. (also known as “Ant” to friends and associates) is Chairman and co-founder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation, and New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects. Ant’s commitment to the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and environmental stewardship helped to create the New Jersey Angling & Hunting Conservation Caucus (NJA&HC). The NJA&HC is the first outdoor caucus of its kind in New Jersey and is designed to educate opinion leaders and policy makers about the principles of conservation; the foundation for healthy ecosystems, fish and wildlife.

Anthony P Mauro, Sr