Animal Rights Wackos & State Assembly Seek Commission Pres. Resignation Because He is a Hunter

Take Action: Now Stand up for his and your right to hunt.

California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards
California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards Hunting in Idaho
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance

SACRAMENTO, CA –-( Last week, animal-rights interests – led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – launched an all out campaign seeking the removal of California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards. [because he was photographed legally hunting ~ wtf]

At the center of the controversy is a photo in a hunting magazine of Richards' with a mountain lion he legally took in Idaho.

Now, the California State Assembly has entered the fight. Recently, a letter signed by forty of the eighty members of the Assembly was sent to Mr. Richards asking for his resignation.

California's Constitution provides the State Legislature with the ability to remove a seated Commissioner by way of a Resolution passed by a simple majority vote in both houses (41 in the Assembly and 21 in the Senate).

Please help COHA respond to this very serious challenge by taking action NOW! Write a letter to your Legislator voicing opposition to Mr. Richards' removal from the Commission, today!

  • For a sample letter click here.
  • To find your legislator click here.

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is a 501(c)4 non-profit political advocacy organization dedicated to the promotion of wildlife conservation and the protection of our hunting heritage. COHA was created in early 2006 to enhance the political effectiveness of hunters and other wildlife conservationists and enthusiasts in the halls of our State Capitol and beyond. For further information on COHA and its member organizations, please visit us at

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is a partnership of conservation organizations, outdoor industry, other related interests and individuals who support science-based wildlife management and the preservation of our hunting rights in California. COHA is a 501(c)4 Political Advocacy organization dedicated solely to influencing legislative, regulatory and administrative policy decisions which promote wildlife conservation and our outdoor heritage. For more information about COHA, visit

  • 6 thoughts on “Animal Rights Wackos & State Assembly Seek Commission Pres. Resignation Because He is a Hunter

    1. John,how bout you jump into 1 of the Humane Society’s decompression chamber & go for a ride… see how a dog feels when it’s murdered in 1…

    2. funny to see how wtf shocked (nice language!) you guys are about this story. in reality it is a shame shooting such a beautiful and gracious animal, legally or not.

    3. @Mike, nice try, with your flawed logic, but as distasteful as it is for us in the USA, that fact remains is it still is legal, as per laws in that country.

      By your logic I should go to jail if I drink in countries where it is ok for 18 year olds to drink, or I should be lose my job if I shoot more birds than the limit in my home state.

      Killing mountain lions is part of conservation and something we will need to do more of as they continue to spread.

    4. So, if a U.S. government official likes to have sex with little girls, he should just go to another country where the legal age of consent is 13, right? And nobody here should say anything, right?

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