Baker Lawsuit Over Concealed Carry Draws Fire From Brady Campaign

By Derek Scammon

Oral Arguments for En Banc Review of Young v. Hawaii on 24 September, 2020
Baker Lawsuit Over Concealed Carry Draws Fire From Brady Campaign

Hawaii ––( there were any doubts that Christopher Baker’s lawsuit against the Hawaii’s ban on carrying firearms has the gun control lobby worried, they should be thoroughly dispelled now.

On the 13th of February, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence filed an amicus brief with Hawaii’s District Court, urging the judge to uphold the ban. (View the pdf below)

Amicus briefs are essentially a persuasive argument written by an outside party, and their goal is to sway the court to one position or another.

These documents are quite common, and are routinely filed by organizations from both sides in high-profile Second Amendment and other court cases.

The Brady Campaign is the highest profile gun control group in the nation, and they spend a great deal of time and money working to halt the advancement of Second Amendment rights both in court and through state and federal legislation. Naturally, it’s safe to say that the people working for the Brady Campaign recognize a threat to their oppressive agenda when they see one. That they have retained a local lawyer and filed an amicus brief indicates that their operatives believe the Baker case stands a strong chance of succeeding.

Those familiar with the typical anti-gun arguments will immediately recognize the faulty logic and dubious studies cited in the Baker brief.

Probably the most profound failure of common sense is this gem: “…carrying a gun in public is not an effective form of self-defense…”

One wonders if the Brady Campaign has alerted the FBI, Secret Service, and the various state and local law enforcement agencies that their agents and officers are being placed in grave danger by their practice of providing their employees with an ineffective means of self-defense.

Citing a study by Philip Cook, the Brady Campaign speculates that increased numbers of private citizens carrying firearms would lead to increased numbers of criminals carrying firearms to protect themselves from citizens protecting themselves. Of course, speculation is completely unnecessary, because reams of data exist proving that no such calamity has occurred in the states which have relaxed their gun laws. Even the Brady Campaign doesn’t believe the Cook study. If they did, they would simultaneously be urging law enforcement to disarm, along with private citizens.

The brief also quotes a study by Charles C. Branas, et al, which states, “gun possession by urban adults was associated with a significantly increased risk of being shot in an assault,” which may actually contain a kernel of truth. The problem is that it’s impossible to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg. Does gun possession create an increased risk of being shot in an assault, or does an increased risk of being shot in an assault make it more likely that one would acquire a firearm?

The preceding examples are but a mere sampling of the logical carnage contained in the Brady Campaign’s brief, and are by no means all-inclusive. Like the rest of the assertions made by the gun control lobby, the brief rests entirely on twisted facts, omissions, and outright lies. While this is not surprising, it is surprising that the Brady Campaign would deem it necessary to spend the time and money to file a brief with Hawaii District Court.

The fact that they have done so indicates that they believe the Baker suit has a good chance of succeeding, and that they understand the ramifications will affect the entire country. This should come as a heartening development for gun owners everywhere.

Obviously with the Brady Campaign weighing in on the case, the Hawaii Defense Foundation now finds itself in a rather lopsided fight; a small, local organization taking on the nation’s largest and most influential anti-gun establishment. Obviously this requires both money and work, so if you have not yet done so, please consider joining or making a donation to the HDF using the Paypal “Donate” button at the upper right corner of our website, Those interested in volunteering to help the cause can contact me directly at [email protected]

Much remains to be done in our effort to bring Hawaii’s gun laws into compliance with the US and Hawaii State Constitutions, but this latest development is a positive indication that we’re on the right track.

Brady Brief against Baker v. Kealoha et. al.

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